US's 50+ Top Climate VC's To Know

From industry veterans to former founders turned VC

Last week we spotlighted Europe's ClimateTech VC's (check out the list here). This week we're going over the Atlantic to highlight the people you need to know across US Climate VC.

From the industry veterans that have spun up climate dedicated funds, to the ex-climate founders now championing climate tech inside of generalist funds - these are the 50+ Climate VC's in the US that you should know of. 

This list is not comprehensive, If there's someone we missed, just add their name here.

Before jumping in:

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Sierra Peterson and Sarah Sclarsic, Voyager Ventures

Sierra Peterson, Voyager Ventures. Former executive and policymaker, investing in early-stage climate technology companies decarbonizing the global economy and repairing the climate. Portfolio inc. Ento Labs, Lydian Labs, gigElev.

Tom McQuillen, ReGen Ventures. "Backing founders daring to restore our planet by reimagining the world from the atom up - across Food & Ag, Energy, Living, and Oceans". Portfolio inc. Pachama, Arkeon Biotechnologies, Aigen.

Clea Kolster at Lowercarbon Capital. Investing in climate solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions across heavy industry, transportation, food and ag, power, fuels and carbon removal; expert in carbon dioxide capture and removal technologies. Portfolio inc. SolugenMillLiving Carbon

Roni Hiranand at GV. Previously leading food and ag investments at HK-based VC Vectr Ventures, Roni now works with Andy Wheeler on climate investments at GV. Portfolio inc. Urban MachinesGravityBeyond the Dome

Sophie Purdom, Climate Tech VC. Investing and supporting early-stage climate tech founders and their companies, writes a kick-ass newsletter with 35,000+ readers on climate and innovation. Portfolio inc. WeaveGrid.

Cody Simms, MCJ Collective

Cody SimmsMCJ Collective. "Partner with MCJ Collective and co-host of the My Climate Journey podcast. He is also co-founder of Climate Changemakers, a 501(c)(4) climate-focused political action network; co-founder of Climate Draft, a platform to help professionals transition into climate-oriented work" Portfolio inc. Arcadia,Carbon Collective,Pachama

Jennifer Kan, PhDClimate Capital Bio. Jenny is a Founding Partner at Climate Capital Bio. She is a protein engineer, tech entrepreneur, and backs early-stage founders building biotech climate solutions. Portfolio inc. Cambrium Bio, Circe Biosciences, Living Carbon

Sundeep AhujaClimate Capital. "3x founder-turned-investor who founded Climate Capital in 2018. He began working in climate in 2010 when he founded blissmo to introduce shoppers to sustainable products (acq by Garten)". Portfolio inc. Living Carbon, Colossal, Lumen Energy

Tomás Álvarez BelónCollaborative Fund. Senior Associate at Collaborative Fund, with a focus on Decarbonization. Prior to joining Collab, Tomás co-founded Canopi, a Y Combinator-backed carbon accounting startup, and was a consultant at Bain & Company. Portfolio inc. AlgiKnitMeliBioBrimstone Energy.

Dan Fishman at Regeneration.VC. "Dan has launched and operated numerous companies within entertainment, apparel and consumer products and has been a leading investor in early stage environmentally-minded consumer businesses". Portfolio inc. CruzFoamVitroLabsCleanO2

Albert Wenger, Union Square Ventures

Albert WengerUnion Square Ventures. "Before joining USV, Albert was the president of through the company’s sale to Yahoo and an angel investor (Etsy, Tumblr). He previously founded or co-founded several companies, including a management consulting firm and an early-hosted data analytics company." Portfolio inc. Ostrom, Lithos Carbon, Brilliant Planet

Mike JacksonEarthshot Ventures. "I have been an investor, entrepreneur, board member, and advisor to companies in the clean energy, food & agriculture, buildings, mobility, and public safety sectors throughout my entire career". Portfolio inc. Mootral, Planet FWDHalo Car

Elliot HershbergNot Boring. "I am a Scientist and Engineer with wide-ranging experience applying cutting-edge technologies to challenging problems in the life sciences". Portfolio inc. Open Forest Protocol, WattCarbon

Eric RubensteinNew Climate Ventures. "As Founding Managing Partner of New Climate Ventures, Eric’s investment focus is on carbon reduction and avoidance which includes but is not limited to food/ag tech, climate tech, and circular economy." Portfolio inc. Bucha Bio, Mantel, Protein Evolution.

Shayna Harris, Supply Change Capital. "Supply Change Capital catalyzes the changing face of food by making early stage investments across the supply chain in technology, sustainable ingredients, and high-integrity brands with cultural appeal". Portfolio inc. Compound Foods, Hyfe, 99 Counties

Brendan Wallace, Fifth Wall

Brendan WallaceFifth Wall. "Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Fifth Wall - the largest venture capital firm focused on technologies for the global real estate industry, including those which decarbonize the sector." Portfolio inc. BrimstoneElectric HydrogenImpulse Labs.

Beatriz FrancoVita Ventures. Former lawyer turned Ag startup executive turned investor, Beatriz has been angel investing for 5+ years before leading the Food & AgTech fund at Portfolia and then starting her own VC. Portfolio inc, Melibio, TomTex, Hyfe

Amy DuffuorAzolla Ventures. "Co-founder and General Partner at Azolla Ventures, where she invests in early-stage technology companies with transformative climate impact. Earlier in her career, Amy was a renewables and power investment banker at Bank of America." Portfolio inc. Carbon ReformSiTrationHeaten

Andrew GollachSOSV / HAX. "Investment team at HAX and work closely with our portfolio of Deep Tech companies. I have an extensive technical background, having spent nearly 10 years in renewable fuels and traditional oil and gas industries as an engineer where I worked and lived in 9 different countries." Portfolio inc. AeromutablegaiaRockMass

Shayle KannEnergy Impact Partners. "Shayle Kann is a Partner at Energy Impact Partners, a $2.5 billion+ venture capital firm backed by a coalition of the world’s largest energy and industrial companies. He leads EIP's Frontier Fund, dedicated to investing in revolutionary technologies to enable deep decarbonization." Portfolio inc. Form EnergyElectric HydrogenNitricity. 

Steven Molino at Clear Current Capital. Investing in early-stage US companies in the plant-based food, cultivated meat, and fermented food spaces, as well as other mission-aligned enterprises. Portfolio inc. Change Foods, BlueNalu, Umaro

Micah Kotch, Blackhorn Ventures. "Partnering with the world’s best entrepreneurs building digital infrastructure for industrial dynamism & decarbonization". Portfolio inc. Electric Era, RailVision, Datch

Kelly Chen, DCVC

Kelly ChenDCVC. "Enjoy working on problems arising from fundamental population and labor driven shifts. I am especially excited about teams building revolutionary tech in AI, robotics, manufacturing, logistics, sustainability, and future of work." Portfolio inc. Pivot Bio, Oklo, Twelve

Molly WoodLaunch. "Investor at Launch, leading our climate tech portfolio and searching for seed to series A startups working on solutions to the climate crisis. Co-host of This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis". Spring EatsClarity movement,SailPlan

Alex Roetter, Moxxie Ventures. "Managing director and general partner at Moxxie Ventures. Over the past 10+ years, I've invested in or advised over 50 companies including Mainstreet, Coinbase and Sauce Labs". Portfolio inc. Heirloom, Overstory

Mona El NaggarValo. Mission-driven venture capital firm focused on thematic investing across social, economic and environmental megatrends. Portfolio inc. Basecamp research, Boston Materials, Novoloop

Mira Inbar, ArcTern Ventures. "Mira started her career as an environmentalist in the mines of Africa. From there, she pivoted to big corporate, to the industries which had formed the bedrock of the carbon economy and spent over a decade in the chemical, utility, and oil & gas sectors where she built clean energy business lines". Portfolio inc. Carbon America, Mosa Meat, Emitwise

Alexandra Harbour, Prelude Ventures. "Alex joined Prelude Ventures as an Associate in 2020. Prior to Prelude, Alex was a founding employee and investor at Powerhouse, an innovation firm and venture fund backing software-enabled clean energy and mobility startups". Portfolio inc. Rumin8, Mill, Element Energy

Katie Rae, The Engine

Katie RaeThe Engine. A veteran tech innovator, entrepreneur, and investor, as its president and CEO and as managing partner of its first investment fund. venture capital firm launched by MIT that invests in early-stage companies. Portfolio inc. Form EnergyHyfeOsmoses.

Peter Sopher from Clean Energy Ventures. "Peter joined CEV as a Senior Associate in September 2019. His career has focused on global energy and environmental challenges using financial, economic, and policy approaches". Portfolio inc. Noon Energy, Carbon Upcycling Technologies, Travertine

Carolin FunkBlue Bear Capital. Prior to Blue Bear, Carolin spent her career supporting renewable energy technology programs across government agencies, large corporations, and early-stage ventures. Portfolio inc. Return Protocol, The Demex Group, Abatable

Emily KirschPowerhouse. "Founder and CEO of Powerhouse, Founder and Managing Partner of Powerhouse Ventures, and host of Watt It Takes". Portfolio inc. Carbon Collective, RenewaFi, Overstory

Dan Altschuler MalekUNOVIS. Global investment firm that provides early-stage funding to entrepreneurs developing plant-based and cultured meat alternatives to foods derived from conventional animal agriculture. Portfolio inc. Tender Food, Plantish, NOVAMEAT

Christina KarapatakiBreakthrough Energy. Responsible for investing in innovative companies that have the potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions - with a focus on electricity and manufacturing related technologies. Portfolio inc. H2Pro, Antora Energy, Mangrove Lithium

Bharat Vasan, The Production Board

Bharat VasanThe Production Board. "TPB is a permanent capital holding company that takes a system-level, science-led approach to solving fundamental problems that affect our planet and its inhabitants". Portfolio inc. Patter Ag, Cana Technology,Culture Biosciences.

Leonardo BanchikGlobal Founders Capital "lead early-stage climate tech as a Partner at Global Founders Capital, Before VC, I was at McKinsey where I advised funds on sustainable investing and worked with green startups and incumbents on energy transition strategy". Portfolio inc. Lydian, Aigen, and Arbo

Kate Danaher, S2G Ventures. "Managing Director of S2G Ventures Ocean and Seafood. Kate has worked at the intersection of impact investing and sustainable food and agriculture for over eight years.". Portfolio inc. Brimstone, App harvest, Apeel Sciences

Tyler ChristieDecarbonization Partners. "Experienced entrepreneur, investor and product executive with passion for sustainability and tackling climate change since childhood." Portfolio inc. Carbon Direct, Monolith, Group14 Technologies.

Kristin McDonald, Investor at Eniac Ventures. "Eniac has been investing in sustainability for over a decade. It is an important space for us and a lifelong personal passion of mine." Portfolio inc. Iron OxBedrock.

Josh FelserClimactic. "I am a serial entrepreneur and early stage investor. I co-founded Climactic with Raj Kapoor to invest in ClimateTech startups with a focus on tech that decarbonizes the Enterprise". Portfolio inc. WeaveGridPopulusRubi Laboratories

Ira Ehrenpreis at DBL Partners. "Founder and Managing Partner of DBL Partners, currently managing more than $1 billion of capital. DBL invests in companies that can deliver top-tier financial returns, while simultaneously driving social or environmental change". Portfolio inc. Farmers Business NetworkWynd TechnologiesZola Electric

Phoebe Wang, Amazon Climate Pledge Fund.

Phoebe Wang, Amazon Climate Pledge Fund. The Climate Pledge Fund is a $2 billion venture investment program supporting the development of sustainable technologies and services that will enable Amazon to meet our net-zero carbon goal. Portfolio inc. Moxion Power, Electric Hydrogen, Pachama

Veery Maxwell, Galvanize Climate Solutions. "Veery has spent her career focused on climate change, is a deep believer in the virtuous cycle of markets, technology, and policy reinforcing each other to drive decarbonization." Portfolio inc. Zhero, alcemy, Arable

Andrew Beebe, Obvious Ventures. "Andrew helps build companies with category-creating entrepreneurs that are decarbonizing the global economy, electrifying all modes of transportation, and upgrading urban environments". Portfolio inc. Enbala, Lightship, Plant Prefab

Susan SuToba Capital. "Climate investor focused on supporting founders and teams solving climate change." Portfolio inc. Finless Foods, Pachama, Bedrock Energy

Stonly Baptiste Blue, Third Sphere. "Third Sphere is a venture platform that works for founders accelerating the transformation of global systems to better serve humanity and the planet now and into the future." Portfolio inc. Earth Force Technologies, Singularity Energy, ChargeLab

Sanjiv Sanghavi, Day One Ventures.

Sanjiv SanghaviDay One Ventures. "Co-founded of ClassPass and most recently the Chief Product Officer of Arcadia, a climate-crisis-fighting tech company creating unprecedented access to energy data and renewable energy sources." Portfolio inc. BluumBio and Living Carbon

Ugo Catry, Princeville Climate. Invests in leading growth-stage climate companies. Portfolio inc. EnpalNotCoMainspring Energy

Reece PachecoPropeller. Formerly Executive Director at World Surf League, Reece founded Propeller, an early stage climate-tech venture fund that invests in and builds ocean-climate companies that use science and technology to address the climate crisis. 

Michael DeLuciaWellington. "Investing in pioneering technologies that enable and drive the energy transition. Current focus areas include electrification of everything, connected and smarter buildings, digital infrastructure, and smarter cities."

Borja Moreno de los Rios at Silence. Former venture partner at FJ Labs, and exited founder with Merlin, Borja went onto found Silence VC where he sits as GP and invests into companies fighting climate change.

Maximilian Von PoelnitzEarth First Food Ventures. "A food and bio tech investor excited by innovation in personal nutrition, alternative protein, and b2b food tech. Max has built numerous start ups, founded a venture capital firm, invested as a CVC, and joined as an LP in Loyal VC".

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Disclaimer: Some of the listed investors may be directly or indirectly invested in the authors company, HackCapital. This is not a reason why they were listed, they're simply just some of the best VC's who we also happen to work with.