100+ Swedish Climate Tech Startups To Know

From energy production to food and ag, transport to materials

Next in our climate mapping series: Sweden. We asked LinkedIn for the Swedish climate tech founders you need to know. For a country of just 10.4M people, we were surprised to see the Swedish climate tech scene is overflowing with incredible companies, especially in deep tech.

If there’s someone you think we’ve missed, please add them to the comments here so we can get this updated.

A few observations:

  • Sweden has a strong climate tech presence supported by an active entrepreneurial ecosystem and largely funded by local investors.

  • Energy Optimization and Energy Production are particularly well represented followed by Food and Ag, then Transport.

  • The average age of CEO’s is older than those in our lists of Switzerland, France, UK and Germany.

  • Many of the CEO’s bring with them years of operational experience working prior in non-climate tech, banking or corporate sector.

  • Swedish companies have done well in attracting global VC attention from some of top funds across Europe and US.

Before jumping in… what do VC’s like Planet A, FoodLabs, Lowercarbon Capital and Zero Carbon Capital and all have in common?

They’ll all be participating in this years HackSummit on May 11-12th, Europe’s dedicated climate conference for founders and funders.


  • Niklas Wallsargård of Improvin - Creator of Sweden’s climate performance platform helping agri-food companies measure, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their own value chain.

  • Maria Martinez of Agrodit - Using edge computing and AI to monitor crop conditions, provide accurate predictions, and facilitate easy decision-making to help farmers save up to 50% on irrigation water and costs while increasing crop yield by up to 40%.

  • Fredrik Åkerman of Volta Greentech - Battling global warming by using seaweed to make cows emit less methane gas.

  • Katja Lindvall & Peg Söderberg of Moving Floor - Creators of the first patented technology to perform automatic cleaning for livestock, designed to cut carbon footprint, water usage and ammonia emissions.

  • Per Karlsson of Vultus - Offering a satellite system for precision farming which enables farmers to grow healthier plants at a lower cost and with significantly reduced environmental harm.

  • Josh Bobrowsky of Ignitia - Using predictive artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms, and uninterrupted 3D multisource data to provide highly accurate weather forecasts for agriculture.

Carbon Credits

  • Cozette Wachtmeister-Zeito of Removement - Scaling the voluntary carbon market by making it transparent, data-based and structured.

  • Cecilia Lindén & Kalle Nilvér of GoClimate - Supporting UN-certified climate offset projects and highlighting easy ways to reduce your climate footprint.

  • Freddie Catlow of Planboo - Generating high quality carbon dioxide removal credits with biochar from bamboo and other plant waste.


  • Gustaf Forsberg of NitroCapt - Developing and selling production licenses for a new chemical process, SUNIFIX®, for the production of fossil-free nitrogen fertilisers and nitric acid.

Climate Finance

  • Nina Siemiatkowski of Milkywire - Connecting people and companies who want to change the world directly to the best grassroots nonprofits around the world doing real work in the field.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

  • Anton Unger of Klimato - Helping restaurants and foodservice providers to calculate, communicate and report the carbon footprint per dish.

  • Einar Bodström of ClimateView - Combining data and systemic analysis to enable cities to plan, manage and fund the transition to net zero.

  • David Bryngelsson of CarbonCloud - A web-based SaaS solution that enables detailed calculations of climate footprints of food products and production processes.

  • Andreas Liljendahl of Worldfavor - A sustainability platform that enables organisations worldwide to easily access, share, and leverage data to gain insights and make sustainable action possible.

  • Mathias Wikström of Doconomy - A leading index solution for CO2 and H2O emission calculations for payments and financial transactions.

  • Kristian Rönn of Normative.io - Providing science-based carbon accounting software and tailored advice from net zero experts.

  • Daniel Gadd of Position Green - Offering expertise within sustainability strategy, communication, software development, environmental studies, engineering and social sciences.

  • Helena Samsioe of GLOBHE - Offering accurate and actionable drone data from anywhere in the world, accessed through one single platform.

  • Gustaf Anselmsson of Gokind - A software company focused on driving sustainability in the world of finance.

  • Mattias Weerasooriya of Wellfish - Creating sustainability reports with an automated and easy to visualise process.

Energy Optimisation

  • Babak Tighnavard of DREM - Simplifying the deployment of heat pumps for residential properties.

  • Håkan Ludvigson of Eliq - A platform which uses machine learning to monitor energy usage and demand patterns, to produce analysis and visualisation of energy data.

  • Vanja Plicanic Samuelsson of Qoitech - Developing tools and solutions for the energy optimisation of battery-driven and energy-harvesting powered products.

  • David Forsberg of Bright Energy - Offering hourly-priced smart electricity combined with smart services to help optimise energy consumption.

  • Magnus Petersson & Katarina Tranäng of Dryft Sverige - A tech-enabled full-service provider for home energy efficiency, renovation and maintenance.

  • Sebastian Haglund of Rebase Energy - Empowering energy innovators with data and tools to optimally plan and operate distributed energy resources.

  • John Diklev of Flower - Operating and optimising its partners' energy assets to enable the transition towards renewable electricity.

  • Theo Wiman Ohlson of Enairon - Creator of a unique compressed air technology that creates competitive advantages in energy storage and energy efficiency.

  • Anton Frisk of Southern Lights - Developing web-based tools for design, simulation and techno-economical study of green hydrogen.

  • Åsa Nordström of Alelion Energy Systems AB – Enabling the sustainable use of energy through its lithium ion energy storage and intelligent control system solutions.

  • Eloisa D. of Enerpoly - Developing and manufacturing zinc-ion batteries to deliver breakthrough affordability in stationary energy storage.

  • Gustav Dafnäs of Enegic - Balancing power usage by measuring and collecting real time data of electricity production and consumption in all types of properties.

Energy Production

  • Giovanni Fili of Exeger - Creator of a unique solar cell technology that converts all forms of light into electrical energy, that can be seamlessly integrated into all products that benefit from being self-powered.

  • Lech Kaniuk of SunRoof - Manufacturing custom-engineered solar roofs with superior energy output and design.

  • Andreas Brannstrom of Better Energy - Operating renewable power plants that supply companies, cities and countries with green energy, plus a pipeline of over 7 GW of solar parks.

  • Henrik Boman of Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden - Developing, building and selling large-scale projects within solar and wind power and energy storage.

  • Jonas Stålhandske of Biofrigas Sweden - Creator of a technology which liquefies red gas into liquid biogas.

  • Otto Lundman & David Olivegren of Modvion - Building wind turbine towers made from laminated wood – “nature’s own carbon fibre”.

  • Erik Martinson of Svea Solar - The leading solar provider in Sweden, offering a complete energy solution for the customer including solar, batteries, car charging and electricity trading.

  • Patrik Möller of CorPower Ocean - Designing, manufacturing and operating wave energy farms inspired by the pumping principles of the human heart.

  • Torsten Granberg of Plagazi - Converting all types of waste into green hydrogen via plasma gasification.

  • Peter Ringstad of Ligna Energy - Creating sustainable bio-battery technology from forest residue materials and organic polymers in combination with a water-based electrolyte.

  • Sven Lindström of Midsummer - Producing light, thin and discreet solar panels that result in aesthetically pleasing solar roofs with a 90 % smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional solar panels.

  • Christian Jebrail of Mersol - Supplying private individuals, farms and companies with solutions to become more self-sufficient with solar energy.

Food - Alternative Protein

  • Ramkumar Nair of Mycorena - Developing sustainable mycelium-based solutions for the food industry, including its proprietary vegan mycoprotein with superior nutritional value in protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

  • Annette Granéli of Green-On - Making sustainable ingredients from CO2 to replace unsustainable dairy fat, palm oil, and coconut oil.

  • Tom Johansson of Hooked Foods - Producing delicious plant-based seafood to support the transition to a healthier marine ecosystem.

  • Anastasia Krivoruchko of Melt&Marble - Using precision fermentation to produce animal-free fats for the alternative protein industry.

  • Elena Petukhovskaya of Big Akwa - Developing sustainable protein production using industrial waste from aquaculture.

  • Mohammad Taherzadeh of Millow - Producing meat alternatives from sustainable mycelium.

  • Andreas Karlsson of VEAT - Creator of vending machines filled with chef-prepared plant-based meals.

  • Sorosh Tavakoli of Stockeld Dreamery - Making delicious and nutritious cheeses from plants.

  • Simon Johansson of Nordic SeaFarm - Growing seaweed in a scalable, sustainable way for the food industry.

  • Katerina Cronstedt of Havredals - Developing plant-based foods, ranging from oat-based drinks and creams to burgers and minced meat.

Food & Beverage

  • Philip Marthinsen of Djuce - Hand-selected wines in cans, emitting 79% less CO2 vs glass bottles.

  • Anastasia Trofimova of Your Beet - Providing personalised plant-based nutrition to help shift the masses into sustainable eating.

  • Marie-Louise Dahl of Lunch.Co - A marketplace app where colleagues can buy and sell their home-cooked meals to each other.

Food Waste

  • Karl Andersson of Motatos - A food waste specialist offering surplus or short dated food from wholesalers and distributors at a bargain price.

  • Daniel Oddhammar of Generation Waste - Using training and analysis to help restaurants and kitchens in the public sector with food waste management.

  • Christian Pettersson of MEAL MAKERS - A marketplace for private and public kitchens to buy food that would otherwise have become food waste directly from producers.

  • Elsa Bernadotte of Karma - An app that connects restaurants, cafes and grocery stores with users so they can purchase unsold food at a lower price.

  • Vahid Sohrabpour of SAVEGGY - Producing a bio-based edible vegan coating that extends the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Jesper Jannesson of Stockfiller - Its co-delivery solution, Leap Delivery, has already resulted in 416 fewer deliveries per month to stores around Sweden.

  • Vendela Ragnarsson of Ribbn - The world's first AI-powered ecommerce platform designed to revolutionise the consignment industry.


  • Henrik Henriksson of H2 Green Steel - Using green hydrogen to accelerate decarbonisation of the European steel industry

  • Krisztina Kovacs-Schreiner of Lixea - Using waste wood and agricultural by-products, as well as sustainably grown biomass, to produce a greener alternative to today’s petrochemical industry.

  • Allen Mohammadi of PlasticFri® - Creating sustainable alternatives to plastic using plant-based and eco-friendly materials.

  • Marta Sjögren of Paebbl - Developing a carbon-negative material for the construction industry.

  • Max van der Mars, Tom Hackenberg & Simon Ziolkowski of Skosh - Innovating the surface cleaning liquid market with a high-quality reusable spray bottle and a non-toxic dissolvable tablet.

  • Sofie Allert of Swedish Algae Factory - Making functional materials from algae, for use in personal care and solar efficiency enhancement.

  • Johanna Nissén Karlsson of Vividye - Creator of a technology which makes it possible to apply all sorts of colours and designs to textiles, which can later be removed to re-apply new ones.

  • Nathalie Berezina of Norbite - Transforming plastic waste into sustainable goods using an insect-based biorefinery.


  • Clara Lidberg of Panter - Building a circular system for reusable takeaway containers and cups.

  • Karolina Ling-Vannerus of Circulate - Creator of a B2B marketplace for sustainable packaging, designed to help grow the “better packaging companies” of tomorrow.


  • Pernilla Westergren of petgood - Offering complete and balanced insect-based diets, as well as other innovative and sustainable products for both cats and dogs.


  • Edward Murray of GreenIron - Using patented technology to recycle valuable residuals from the mining, steel, foundry, and manufacturing industries.

  • Berfin Roza Mert & Suwar Mert of Bower - Creator of a “world-unique” mobile app that rewards recycling of all consumer packaging at regular recycling bins.


  • Anders Åkerlund of Deedster - A digital platform where you can challenge yourself and others to lead the change to more sustainable consumption.

  • Olivia Rothschild of Hyber - Revolutionising the way families consume children's clothes and products with its subscription-based rental platform.


  • Robert Falck of Einride - An industry-disrupting freight technology company providing end-to-end solutions for electric and autonomous shipping.

  • Essa Al-Saleh of Volta Trucks - Building a full electric truck specifically for use in and around cities and urban areas.

  • Jenny Keisu of X Shore - Creating 100% electric boats to revolutionise the maritime industry.

  • Klara Forslund of Heart Aerospace - Building the fastest, most affordable and sustainable mode of transport for regional air travel.

  • Rickard Bröms of Vässla Micromobility - Offering a subscription model for high-end electric bikes, tailored to individual needs.

  • Karin Ebbinghaus of Elonroad - Building electric roads which allow automatic charging while driving and when parked.

  • Stefan Ytterborn of CAKE - Developing light, quiet, and clean high-performance electric motorcycles and mopeds.

  • David Fauné of Northe Company - Providing drivers with an exceptional EV charging tool, and companies and charge point facilitators with simple payment solutions.

  • Gustav Hasselskog of Candela - Creator of an electrical boat with the same speed and range as a fossil fuel-powered boat.

  • Tim Schulz of Peak Energy - Developing smart software solutions for EV charging in order to reduce its climate impact and help EV drivers save up to 70% on electricity costs.

  • Tomas Grönqvist of MIOO - A bike repair app designed to make at-home bike services easier than ever.


  • Isabella Palmgren of Mimbly - Creator of an add-on water recycling system that works with industrial washing machines.

  • Niklas Wicén of Aqua Robur Technologies - Helping water utilities to gain control of their water networks by providing flexible and cost-efficient IoT solutions.

  • Simon Isaksson of Retein - Using a patented molecular separation technology to recover high-purity raw materials like lithium, nutrients, and pure water from any accessible water.

  • Emma Hanaeus of Atium - Operating reusable filter technology that allows selective removal of toxic mercury from water, in a more effective and cost-efficient way than ever before.


  • Sára Nožková of FLOX - Creator of the world's first autonomous wildlife management provider that helps humans and wildlife to coexist.

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Editorial by Arman, Curation by Nicola.

Disclaimer: The author and the authors company, HackCapital, may hold direct investment positions in some of the startups mentioned above.