Meet the Partners at Top ClimateTech Funds Representing $4bn+ AUM

30 investors taking to the stages at the HackSummit

According to the latest report by CTVC, ClimateTech VC dry powder is nearing the heights of 2021 highs, with an estimated $41bn of remaining investable dry powder ready to deploy in ClimateTech startups globally.

While the broader venture capital landscape has slowed, ClimateTech founders continue to attract strong investments as the urgency to deploy meaningful capital to mitigate the climate crisis intensifies.

Taking to the stage at the HackSummit in Lausanne this June 13-14th, are 30 Partners behind some of the leading ClimateTech VCs, with freshly raised capital ready to deploy into highly innovative startups.  

So ahead of the Summit in June, let’s meet these leading capital allocators and see where they’re investing. 

Introducing the 30 Partners speaking at the HackSummit

🇺🇸 Alexis Houssou, Founder & Managing Partner at HCVC

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: ”Investing in early-stage companies that automate and digitize the physical world.”

  • Headquartered: San Francisco (USA), Paris (France) 

  • Notable Investments: Renaissance Fusion, Ark Biotech, Surge.

🇺🇸 Alice Brooks, Partner at Khosla Ventures 

  • Investment Stage: Seed to Series D

  • Investment Focus:“Investing in deep tech and sustainability at Khosla Ventures”.

  • Headquartered: California (USA)

  • Notable Investments: Ceibo, Fortera, Impossible Foods.

🇬🇧 Antony Yousefian, Partner at The First Thirty 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Focused on regenerating nature through soil by supporting early-stage data-driven technology companies that enable us to understand nature's value and its impact on economic productivity”,

  • Headquartered: London (UK)

  • Notable Investments: Groundwork BioAg, Propagate, Ignitia, UNDO.

🇨🇭 Antonia Sariyska, Executive Director, CIO at UBS

  • Headquartered: Zurich (Switzerland)

  • Notable Investments: Climeworks, neustark

🇨🇭Benjamin Schulz, Founding Partner at Carbon Removal Partners

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed to Series A

  • Investment Focus: “Invests into technologies to withdraw carbon from the atmosphere in a permanent manner, as well as into companies along the Carbon Removal value chain”

  • Headquartered: Zurich (Switzerland)

  • Notable Investments: Carbonfuture, InPlanet, Eion, CEEZER.

🇸🇪 Daniel Skavén Ruben, Founder at Solvable Syndicate

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Invests in early-stage high-impact FoodTech and ClimateTech startups.”

  • Headquartered: Stockholm (Sweden)

  • Notable Investments: Nilus.

🇩🇪 Daria Saharova, Founding Partner at World Fund 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “We support startups from early to growth stage, focusing on Energy, Food and Agriculture, Manufacturing, Buildings, and Mobility”.

  • Headquartered: Berlin (Germany)

  • Notable Investments: Juicy Marbles, IQM, Cylib.

🇬🇧 🇳🇱 Eleanor Blagbrough, Co-Founding Partner at Blume Equity

  • Investment Stage: Series A+

  • Investment Focus: “Growth stage European companies tackling the climate emergency and creating a more sustainable world.”

  • Headquartered: London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Notable Investments:, Aerones, Matsmart.

🇩🇪 Elisabeth Schrey, Managing Director at DeepTech & Climate Fonds 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Invests in areas such as Industry 4.0, robotics, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, process automation, new energy, smart cities, new materials and selected biotech areas as well as digital health”.

  • Headquartered: Bonn (Germany)

  • Notable Investments: Proxima Fusion, Fernride, Xolo.

🇵🇹 Gregoire Letort, Founder at Xinomavro Ventures 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Investing in WineTech startups, especially where food and wine are in focus due to the role it plays in our climate crisis”.

  • Headquartered: Lisbon (Portugal)

  • Notable Investments: Djuce, ALTR, Croptide.

🇩🇰 Jacob Bro, Partner and Co-Founder at 2150

  • Investment Stage: Series A and Series B

  • Investment Focus: “We focus on digital and scalable technology innovation across what we call the Urban Stack, and we look in particular for "Gigacorns", meaning companies who can remove or mitigate gigatons of CO2 and other GHG emissions”.

  • Headquartered: Copenhagen (Denmark)

  • Notable Investments: 1Komma5, Mission Zero, Vammo.

🇳🇱 Jinna Li, Partner at Endgame Capital

  • Investment Stage: Pre-seed to Series A 

  • Investment Focus: “Our mission is to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative solutions that combat climate change. “

  • Headquartered: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Notable Investments: Elyos, Kubik, Bloom Labs.

🇸🇪 Johan Attby, General Partner of the Norrsken Accelerator Fund

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “We want to enable the next impact unicorn – a company that has a positive effect on one billion lives”.

  • Headquartered: Stockholm, Sweden

  • Notable Investments: Your Beet, Spoor, Nilus.

🇫🇷 Jonny Everett, Founding Partner at Marble 

  • Investment Stage: Stealth+

  • Investment Focus: “Marble is a climate tech venture studio. We partner with scientists, engineers and operators to build deeptech startups that slash emissions, remove carbon and cool the planet”.

  • Headquartered: Paris (France)

🇺🇸 Keely Anson, Investor and Head of Shared Future Fund at Collaborative Fund

  • Investment Stage: Pre Seed to Series B

  • Investment Focus: “We support entrepreneurs and companies pushing the world forward. Shared Future Fund is a dedicated source of rapid, catalytic capital for entrepreneurs working on climate change solutions”.

  • Headquartered: New York (USA)

  • Notable Investments: Anthro Energy, Dioxcycle, Kula Bio.

🇺🇸 Kevin Webb, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Superorganisim 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Superorganism is the first venture firm dedicated to biodiversity. We work with founders bold enough to imagine an abundant future for humans and nature alike”.

  • Headquartered: New York (USA)

  • Notable Investments: Amini, Sway, Planet A Foods.

🇩🇪 Lena Thiede, Co-Founder and General Partner at Planet A Ventures

  • Investment Stage: Seed to Series A

  • Investment Focus: “We exist to support bold and brave founders, who are the heroes driving our green transformation”.

  • Headquartered: Berlin (Germany)

  • Notable Investments: OPTIML, Paleo, One Five.

 🇰🇪 Maelis Carraro, Managing Partner at Catalyst Fund 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Invests and supports early-stage entrepreneurs that build affordable, accessible, and appropriate solutions for underserved and climate-vulnerable communities”.

  • Headquartered: Nairobi (Kenya)

  • Notable Investments: Sand to Green, TOLBI, NoorNation.

🇬🇧 Michael Langguth, CSO and Co-Founder at Carbon13 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Talent first investor with programmes to catalyse internationally-minded startups which attack climate change through developing new business models, new value propositions and new tech”.

  • Headquartered: Cambridge (UK)

  • Notable Investments: Cocoon, Materials Nexus, Future Greens.

🇸🇬 Michal Klar, General Partner at Better Bite Ventures

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Early-stage fund focused on climate-friendly food tech and alternative protein startups in Asia Pacific region”.

  • Headquartered: Singapore

  • Notable Investments: Allium Bio, Klever Meat, Prefer.

🇨🇭Myke Näf, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Übermorgen Ventures 

  • Investment Stage: Seed and Series A

  • Investment Focus: “Early stage venture fund backing entrepreneurs, who develop innovative solutions to mitigate climate change”.

  • Headquartered: Zurich (Switzerland)

  • Notable Investments: InPlanet, Fermify, Openvolt.

🇩🇪 Patrick Noller, General Partner and Managing Director at FoodLabs

  • Investment Stage: Early Stage VC + Venture Studio

  • Investment Focus: “Pan-European Early Stage VC investor and venture studio, assisting the bold in building iconic companies committed to planetary and human health”.

  • Headquartered: Berlin (Germany)

  • Notable Investments: Formo, Infinite Roots, Kynda.

🇩🇪 Renaud Visage, Founding Partner at Slate Ventures

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed 

  • Investment Focus: “We invest when companies are ready to scale commercially. Our investment focus is on B2B climate tech startups that make it possible to reduce resource and energy consumption, replace parts of supply chains with sustainable alternatives, and repair the environment”.

  • Headquartered: Paris (France)

  • Notable Investments: Carbonfact, Climate X, Pigment. 

🇬🇧 Richard Barker Partner at Counteract VC 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed to Series A

  • Investment Focus: “Invests in early-stage companies across the full spectrum of greenhouse gas removal solutions and aims to remove five billion tonnes of CO2”.

  • Headquartered: London (UK)

  • Notable Investments: AgriCarbon, Magrathea, Parallel Carbon

🇬🇧 Stefano Bernardi, General Partner at Unruly Capital

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Aiming to find and fund companies at the frontiers of what's possible today. We invest early, are not scared of risky moonshots and become your biggest fans”.

  • Headquartered: Dolomites (Italy).

  • Notable Investments: Kubik, Liquid Trees, Seabound

🇸🇬 Steve Melhuish, Co-Founder at Wavemaker Impact 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Co-founds sustainability-focused businesses with proven entrepreneurs. Our goal is to reduce 10% of the global carbon budget by 2035”.

  • Headquartered: Singapore

  • Notable Investments: WasteX, Agros, Elevate Foods.

🇩🇪 Thong Le Hoang, Co-Founder at Tomorrow 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed 

  • Investment Focus: “Early-stage climate deep tech fund backing the next generation of era-defining companies rebuilding the world’s largest industries for a brighter tomorrow”.

  • Headquartered: Munich (Germany)

  • Notable Investments: Proxima Fusion, Cosmic Aerospace.

🇳🇱 Till Stenzel, Partner at SET Ventures 

  • Investment Stage: Late Seed and Series A

  • Investment Focus: “The firm's investment thesis is centered around creating a carbon-free energy system through digital technologies and data”.

  • Headquartered: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Notable Investments: Fuchs & Eule, e-mobilio, Sensorfact, Instagrid.

🇩🇪 Veronique Hoerdemann, Managing Partner at Future Energy Ventures 

  • Investment Stage: Series A and B

  • Investment Focus: “Supports early-stage companies in decarbonisation, sustainable development and energy sector technologies”.

  • Headquartered: Berlin (Germany)

  • Notable Investments:, Virta, Thermondo, Piclo.

🇫🇷 Xavier Lorphelin, Managing Partner of Serena 

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed to Series A

  • Investment Focus: “We invest at early stages, from seed to series B, and support the success of innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs to service a better world. Combating climate change, protecting biodiversity, promoting sustainability, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Serena's DNA”.

  • Headquartered: Paris (France)

  • Notable Investments: Descartes Underwriting, Electra, Jimmy.

🇩🇪 Yair Reem, Partner at Extantia Capital 

  • Investment Stage: Seed+

  • Investment Focus: “Extantia Flagship backs scalable deep decarbonisation tech companies, while Extantia Allstars invests in climate venture capital funds”.

  • Headquartered: Berlin (Germany)

  • Notable Investments: INERATEC, Modern Hydrogen, RepAirXavier.

🇩🇪 Yoann Berno, Founder and Podcast Host at Climate Insiders

  • Investment Stage: Pre-Seed and Seed

  • Investment Focus: “Investing 100% in climate deeptech”.

  • Headquartered: Berlin (Germany)

  • Notable Investments: Strong By Form, New Iridium, Hephaestus Technologies.

All these featured impact investors (plus 100s more) will be in attendance alongside a highly curated group of fellow ClimateTech founders.

If you’re a startup looking to meet the Partners and LPs of ClimateTech Funds, then come and get on their radar at the HackSummit this June in Lausanne.

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