🌏 Meet the Next Cohort of 24 ClimateHack Ambassadors

24 Ambassadors joining Chapters across 13 Cities

Since the first ClimateHack Meetup back in Zurich 18 months ago, they have quickly become go-to meeting places for entrepreneurs, investors and operators to connect and inspire one another.

Each Meetup is led by teams of exceptional Ambassadors (incl. VC Partners, Accelerators, Climate Founders, leading Consultants) who share our mission to accelerate investment and innovation in ClimateTech.

Now these teams are expanding with 24 new Ambassadors.

Across 6 new Chapters: Barcelona, Nairobi, Lagos, Mexico City, São Paulo, Warsaw

Supporting 7 current Chapters: Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Paris, Tel Aviv, Zurich

“As we enter the next phase of Hack Communities we are excited to welcome our most diverse cohort to date. By opening new Chapters in emerging regions and up-and-coming Climate hotspots, we can help to foster fresh talent and bring together more bright minds working in impact,” says Coline Jeannet, Community Manager at HackGroup.

The Hack Community:
WHO: 130+ Ambassadors
WHERE: 56 Chapters worldwide
WHAT: Free local Meetups for founders, funders and operators in Climate

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12 Ambassadors Open 6 New Chapters

 🇪🇸 Barcelona: Fernando Casado Cañeque 

Co-Founder and General Partner of Inclimo Climate Tech Fund, Fernando has a Ph.D. on Life Cycle Analysis & environmental impact, spent 8 years’ working for the United Nations and 5 years for PWC in environmental management.

“By bringing together exceptional people who are driving systemic change through technology we can address climate change challenges for a more sustainable world.” - Fernando

🇳🇬 Lagos: Onyekachi Nwafor

Founder of KateXPower, Onyekachi is a seasoned expert in renewable energy and the energy transition. 

“The urgency of addressing climate challenges demands collective action, and nurturing a thriving local ClimateTech community serves as a catalyst for impactful solutions.” - Onyekachi

🇲🇽 Mexico City: Andres Baehr 

After working with hundreds of founders, from eco-housing in rural Mexico, park development from recycled tyres in Bolivia, and AI-enhanced mining in Chile, Andrés identified a critical gap for specialised climate venture capital. He is now on a mission to uncover the region’s huge untapped climate opportunity and empower overlooked founders as Founder of Savia Ventures.

“From years working in climate LatAm and Mexico, we’ll bring together deep networks of local climate VCs, accelerators and founders to foster the growing community in CDMX.” - Andrés

🇰🇪 Nairobi: Florent Nduwayezu, Asad Ali and Kevin Banister

Founder and CEO of Adinia, Kevin empowers engineers and professionals to construct and maintain sustainable infrastructure across Sub-Saharan Africa and North America. He’s also the founder of Banister Foundation to break cycles of domestic violence to address poverty and promote education.

Syndicate Investor at EUVC and Investment Associate at Bestseller Foundation, Florent is an early-stage investor specifically focused on ClimateTech ventures. He is deeply rooted in the cultivation of the African business landscape, aiming to foster an environment conducive to the flourishing of private enterprises.

Asad is an early-stage ClimateTech investor at Holocene, who is also a nature enthusiast and former sustainability consultant dedicated to helping ClimateTech startups unlock their potential.

“My goal is to unite fellow builders, investors, domain experts in climate, justice, and finance, as well as local leaders and organizations, all working on pioneering solutions for the healing of our planet.” - Kevin

“Africa needs homegrown innovation, not a one-size-fits-all approach and bringing together different stakeholders is a critical way to encourage local solutions.” - Florent

CEO at eAmazonia Venture Studio, Carol leads the Climate Change Brazilian Climate Tech Venture Studio focused on biodiversity and water in Brazil to help researchers to ideate and create best-in-class founding teams for scalable global startups. 

Deputy CEO at Swissnex in Brazil, Bianca is a materials engineer connecting the dots between Switzerland and Brazil in education, research, and innovation.

Ex-Co-Founder and COO of Beath Solutions, Laura enabled data-driven environmental impact assessments to measure product carbon footprint for fashion brands.

“Climate change needs action and bold spirit. And I really want to build history and help Brazil to stand out and embrace this challenge.” - Caroline

“One of the most important things to make relevant innovation happen is to put inspiring people together - and to have this "connector" skill, mainly to connect people that would probably not be connected organically.” - Bianca

Managing Partner, Marcin and Investment Analyst, Kamil at Market One Capital, Kamil are behind a 125M early stage, network effects focused fund.

Sustainable Finance Expert at an international bank in Warsaw, Wojciech is an experienced corporate finance and investment specialist that can translate sustainability into financial gains. 

“Coupled with an excellent academic background (including the first University VC fund—the Warsaw University of Technology Investment Factory) and a leadership position in Central and Eastern European (CEE) economies, Warsaw is an ideal position to establish a strong ClimateTech community.” - Kamil

“Our city, and the Polish startup ecosystem, needs a boost towards the creation of a vibrant ClimateTech community of founders and operators. To tackle the climate crisis we need further expansion of our technological solutions and I want to participate in the change.” - Wojciech

11 Ambassadors Join 7 Active Chapters

🇳🇱 Amsterdam: Aaron Endré

Founder of Endré Communications, Aaron supports the next generation of tech entrepreneurs’ marketing and PR strategies and is also a startup mentor at Startupbootcamp, Techstars and Alchemist Accelerator.

🇩🇪 Berlin: Marcia Dantas de Lima. Joining Kim Dang, and Denis Frischmann 

Carbon Market Strategist at biometrio.earth, Marcia brings her passion for NatureTech to unlock the power of a community and network for young organisations.

“More than ever the world needs forces that are aligned to create the changes so needed, and I am excited to create the environments where these changes are created and grow.” - Marcia

🇬🇧 London: George Comninos. Joining Raghav Malik and Harry Morgan 

Senior Manager of Co:cubed, George invests in climate- and deep-tech startups to accelerate CCEP's progress to net zero by 2040, from within their Ventures team.

Fellow at Elemental Excelerator, Product Manager at Schmidt Futures, and Host of CleanTechies Podcast, Somil has broad expertise and a strong network in climate tech, and specifically within energy, mobility, and built environment.

EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Manager, Andrew brings his experience designing and executing sustainability initiatives for some of the largest companies on the planet.

A Climate enthusiast, Lekhya is passionate about combining strategic partnerships, deep community involvement, and policy advocacy to scale the adoption of clean technologies.

 “As someone who has been actively involved in the NYC ClimateTech scene, I have experienced firsthand the sense of community and collaboration that makes NYC the ClimateTech capital of the world.” - Somil

“My desire is to make sure that ClimateHack is elevating not just the most popular climate voices, but the realities of tackling an issue created in the first place by growth, profit, and capitalism.” - Andrew

Visiting Associate at Techstars Sustainability Paris, Elif is taking her first steps into the field of Venture Capitals whilst pursuing a Master's in Management at HEC Paris, specializing in Sustainability and Social Innovation. 

Entrepreneur in Residence, Niklas is part of the current Antler cohort in Paris. He previously co-founded a climate tech startup focused on green industrial process heat and helped establish an impact VC fund in Bangladesh.

An investor at Serena, Sybille invests from pre-seed to series A, as a lead/co-lead investor across climate action, inclusive education, universal healthcare, and sustainable living within the planetary boundaries.

🇮🇱 Tel Aviv: Hila-Hillary Katz. Joining Edo Perry and Eldar Solomon 

Sales Development at ReturnGO, catalyzing the mission of building more sustainable practices in the retail and eComm industries, Hila-Hillary has a background in early-stage Venture Capital, Government-led investments, impact investments in global foundations, and cross-sector collaboration in not-for-profit organisations. 

“I am passionate about driving mission-driven innovation and technology to solve real-life problems and sustainable business practices and social/environmental impact at scale to generate economic activities with improved social and environmental outcomes.” - Hila

🇨🇭 Zurich: Philipp Almes and Patrycja Metlewicz. Joining Margaux Cepeda 

Aerospace Engineer & MBA by Degree, Philipp works at a Series B robotics startup to scale their autonomous robots.

A Newton Venture Capital Scholar, Patrycja leverages her entrepreneurial mindset and business acumen to identify and nurture game-changing ideas that address climate challenges and promote sustainable practices.

“Zurich has also a strong Climate community in that field, propelled by the ETH and many young and energetic entrepreneurs. By bringing these people together, we can learn about new solutions, meet interesting people and join that movement.” - Philipp

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