🌍 Introducing the first cohort of ClimateHack Ambassadors

Meet the ClimateHack Ambassadors launching Meetups in 10 cities worldwide

Collaboration, capital and community are three of the most powerful tools in our toolbox when it comes to tackling the climate crisis.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the first cohort of ClimateHack Ambassadors.

We scoured the globe, looking for ClimateTech’s brightest minds and smartest facilitators to foster their local ecosystem. And now they’re joining our mission to build better, faster, more impactful solutions to solve the climate crisis.

They’ll follow in the footsteps of our global network of FoodHack Ambassadors.

With over 100 Ambassadors now running 49 Chapters worldwide, FoodHack and ClimateHack Meetups have become must-attend free gatherings for founders, funders and operators to share ideas and meet one another.

Connect with your local ecosystem and meet founders and funders working on what’s next in Climate, including: Biomaterials, ESG and VC, Carbon Capture, Water Security, Green Metals and Mining, Cooling Technologies and Alternative Fertilisers.

Let’s meet the Ambassadors 🥁

🇳🇱 Amsterdam: John Mairlot and Jinna Li-Mairlot - The duo bring a diverse range of skills in investment and mentorship to support the Dutch ecosystem.

They first met the Hack Community at this year’s HackSummit. John told us: ‘I was blown away by this community, the quality of the event, and the value it brought me via networking and learning on various ClimateTech topics. Now I’m excited to join a team that brings ClimateHack to Amsterdam to grow and enrich the local community.’

🇩🇪 Berlin: Kim Dang and Denis Frischmann - With their expertise in entrepreneurship, investment and community growth, the pair will help to foster the growing ClimateTech scene in Berlin.

I am excited to enrich the local community with my existing network of funders, operators and talent while bringing in a fresh perspective from someone who is neither a VC or startup founder,shares Kim.

🇿🇦 Cape Town: Abby Stern - having been a FoodHack Ambassador for many years, Abby is transitioning to work in ClimateTech and is passionate about supporting impact founders and funders in South Africa and beyond.

‘Stellenbosch and Cape Town are uniquely positioned to develop ClimateTech solutions for the continent due to the incredible talent and technical skill that exists here as a result of it being home to top universities, the access to capital (both local wealth as well as international funding as more VC's and NGO's are interested in investing in the continent), and the environment of innovation and entrepreneurship that is burgeoning in the Western Cape,’ explains Abby.

🇹🇷 Istanbul: Kutadgu Parilti, Zişan Özdemir, Alper Güven - The trio will combine their experience of academia, the private sector and impact entrepreneurship to foster the vibrant impact startup culture in Istanbul.

‘By bringing ClimateHack to Istanbul, we can maximise the awareness of climate technologies and fast track collaboration and networking both among the community and with international networks,’ says Kutadgu.

‘I'm passionate about uniting all stakeholders in the field, fostering collaboration, and breaking down silos. I aim to create opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and partnership building,’ adds Zisan.

🇬🇧 London: Raghav Malik and Harry Morgan - The pair have been actively building their networks in Climate VC, Climate Accelerator and ClimateTech startup spaces and are ready to support their community.

‘Inclusive community is the biggest tool we can use to tackle climate change. By shining a light on the key technologies and innovators, and engaging those from all corners of society, we can make the informed and urgent actions needed to tackle a crisis of such a massive scale,’ explains Harry.

🇺🇸 New York: Lison Compañy and Rachael Ferm - An impact founder and investor are combining their passion for community building and ClimateTech to bring ClimateHack to the Big Apple.

‘Becoming a ClimateHack Ambassador allows me to foster and leverage my entrepreneurial mindset, contribute to building a resilient community, and share my expertise through mentorship. I’ve also met the FoodHack Ambassadors at their last Meetup in New York which reinforced my interest in becoming an Ambassador,’ shares Lison.

🇫🇷 Paris: Jarrett Dutra and Rebecca Ravenni - With experience across consultancy, finance and startup mentorship, Jarrett and Rebecca are joining forces to support and strengthen Paris’ ClimateTech community.

‘The fact is that we can't change the world alone. We don't need to do it alone. By joining a community we foster a network open to change, towards altering capital allocation and to developing innovative solutions towards more sustainable and conscious growth,’ says Jarrett.

🇺🇸 San Francisco: John Greenfield and Santhi Analytis - both have strong backgrounds as deeptech and climate startup operators, as well as connections with VCs, accelerators and the technical / scientific community.

‘I believe the next 7 years are critical to determining the health of our planet and species for the next 700 years - and beyond. There’s a special energy around these topics in San Francisco, and I want to do my part to help bring people together to accelerate the solutions’, notes John.

🇮🇱 Tel Aviv: Edo Perry and Eldar Solomon - startup Co-Founders of the employee climate engagement platform, Elements, they are united in their mission to accelerate the Israeli ClimateTech community. They also happen to both be Skippers, plant based and started out their journeys as Climate Activists.

‘I’m a big believer in the power of communities and Israel is truly a startup nation but in Climate we are still a bit behind other countries, I want to keep pushing the ecosystem forward,’ says Edo.

🇨🇭 Zurich: Margaux Cepeda - Combining her experience in consulting for the life sciences and passion for sustainable technologies, Margaux will bring together visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders in ClimateTech.

‘I see an opportunity to lend support to this community, fostering knowledge exchange, accelerating developments and attracting new talents and investments into the space. Time is of the essence in our battle against climate change and I’m eager to take a more active role in nurturing sustainable ventures and initiatives,’ adds Margaux.

Now you’ve met our first cohort of ClimateHack Ambassadors, it’s time to meet them IRL at a Meetup.

Meetups in these 10 cities are already in the pipeline, sign up here to be the first to know when and where they will take place.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon.