20 Investors Funding NatureTech Founders

Investing in nature-based solutions is gaining traction.

VC funding in NatureTech startups increased by 18%, from $1.56bn in 2022 to $1.85bn in 2023. 

And investors can help bridge the gap needed to develop nature-based solutions across biodiversity, regeneration, conservation and adaptation to climate change.

This International Day for Biological Diversity, we highlight 20 pioneering investors with growing portfolios of nature-first startups.

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See who is at the forefront of investment in biodiversity:

Type: VC
Who: Felix Ferstl
Portfolio includes: NatureMetrics, Klim, OroraTech
What: We invest in industry-changing companies that help us stay within or return to the safe operating space for humanity.

🇺🇸 At One Ventures

Type: VC
Who: Tom Chi
Portfolio includes: Colossal, Chloris Geospatial, Dendra Systems
What: The VC has an additional layer of impact categories – Air, Water, Soil, and Biodiversity – and carefully tracks the positive impact its portfolio companies have on each of these areas. 

🇺🇸 🇬🇧 Beringea

Type: VC
Who: Piotr Bukanski
Portfolio includes: Iceberg Data Lab
What: Transatlantic venture capital investor seeking to create lasting success for rapidly scaling entrepreneurial companies.

Type: Family Office
Who: Martin Studer
What: Providing beneficiaries with tailored research and insights, asset and wealth management solutions.


Type: Venture Studio
Who: Leo Caprez
Portfolio includes: XILVA, Inverto, Terrabiom
What: A for-impact venture studio for forests & climate, unlocking the full climate potential of forests at speed, scale, and quality through entrepreneurial approaches.

Type: Impact investing vehicle
Who: Paul Bunje
Portfolio includes: SharkSafe Barriers, SIMPLi, Tamoa
What: Managed by environmental nonprofit Conservation International, it invests in Investing in businesses that contribute to healthy ecosystems

🇩🇪 FoodLabs

Type: VC and Venture Studio
Who: Till Hoelzer
Portfolio includes: Klim, InPlanet
What: Backing bold entrepreneurs committed to planetary and human health.

🇸🇪 Pale blue dot

Type: VC
Who: Heidi Lindvall
Portfolio includes: Nala, Pivotal
What: Investing in early-stage startups fighting climate change and creating a better world.

Type: VC
Who: Lena Thiede
Portfolio includes: The Landbanking Group, goodcarbon
What: Investing in European green tech start-ups that have a significant positive impact on the planet while building scalable businesses.

🇫🇷 Raise Ventures

Type: VC
Who: Sophia Martin
Portfolio includes: NeoCarbon, Morfo
What: Backing the most promising European Tech entrepreneurs from pre-Seed to Series B.

🇬🇧 Sand River

Type: VC
Who: Edward Thorne and Greg Robson
Portfolio includes: Maltento
What: Funding start-ups with the potential to save nature and deliver scalable solutions that enable new ways to live sustainably within our planetary boundaries. 

🇫🇷 Serena

Type: VC
Who: Xavier Lorphelin
Portfolio includes: Carbon Farm
What: Investing in early-stage startups combating climate change, protecting biodiversity, promoting sustainability and diversity.

Type: Family Office
Who: Kelvin Chiu 
Portfolio includes: Natrx, planblue, ISC
What: Catalysing systems change for both the restoration and conservation of nature, and to turn existing extractive, ecologically-destructive practices into regenerative ones.

Type: VC
Who: Kevin Webb and Tom Quigley
Portfolio includes: Sway, Amini
What: The first venture firm focused on biodiversity as a problem.

Type: Fund
Who: Laura Ortiz Montemayor
What: Investing in the transition to regenerative practices, ecosystem regeneration, and climate adaptation in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and nature-based solutions.

🇳🇱 Symbiotic Projects 

Who: Matt Portman
Portfolio includes: MOMBAK, Earthbanc, Dendra Systems, Courageous Land
What: Direct investments in nature restoration, protection and technology to create value in favour of biodiversity.

Type: VC
Who: Irena Spazzapan
Portfolio includes: Naturemetrics, Basecamp Research, Dendra Systems
What: A ‘pure play’ climate and systems change company on a mission is to accelerate the transition to a net-zero, nature-positive and more inclusive economy. 

Type: VC
Who: Antony Yousefian 
Portfolio includes: Groundwork BioAg, ignitia, UNDO
What: Supporting early stage agri-food tech companies regenerating the planet.

🇦🇺 Wedgetail

Type: VC
Who: Lisa Kate Miller
Portfolio includes: Zorzal, EcoNusa, To’ak, Xylo Systems
What: Protecting and restoring biodiversity through long-term investments.

Type: Program of WWF
Who: Sybille Borner
What: A global program of the World Wildlife Fund to support impact investors and conservation businesses to have positive impacts on biodiversity and nature.

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