Meet these 150+ CEO & CTO's attending the HackSummit

From the future of foods to biomaterials, nuclear fusion to carbon capture

With 300+ attending startups the HackSummit next week, we're spotlighting the CEO’s and CTO’s you need to know, and what they’re working on.

This list include Stealth to Series C+ startups:

  • Manufacturing the future of food and biomaterials.

  • Enabling technologies and infrastructure for the bioeconomy.

  • Energy and chemical companies making greener alternatives.

  • Climate tracking and mitigation tools to act on our emissions.

  • Carbon Capture companies removing CO2 from the air.

Note: This list is exclusively the attending CEO’s / CTO’s as of Wednesday 3rd May - if we’ve missed you, please let us know here so we can add to the list.


  • Robert Gerlach of Klim - Creators of a digital companion for farmers that enables them to transition to regenerative agriculture at scale.

  • Justin Hughes of NetZeroNitrogen - Providing farmers with a highly effective, natural, cheaper alternative source of nitrogen for crops.

  • Ruben Sabah of Hyperplan - Leveraging satellite and weather data technology to offer a SaaS solution to help companies manage the volatility of agricultural production.

  • Olga Dubey of AgroSustain - Aiming to reduce food waste and support sustainable food production by developing farm to fork solutions, like natural fungicides and coatings.

  • Mark Essam Zahran of YASAI - Building and managing vertical farms based on a circular economy to transform food systems.

  • Ben Bardsley of BX - BX is an AI-powered climate-tech company that is enabling the decarbonisation of the food and drink supply chain.

  • Marc Weimer-Hablitzel of Hortiya - Using AI technology to give crops the right level of light, climate and nutrition only when they are ready to use it.

  • Vitalie Buzu of GreenoSoil AG - Creating the largest geospatial digital data platform in agriculture.

  • Uwe Peter of Lite+Fog - Developing smart farming modules for automated plant production, based on a revolutionary technology using dry fog.


  • Michelle Ruiz of Hyfé - Reducing the cost of biomanufacturing by converting food processing wastewater into low-cost fermentation feedstock.

  • Patrick Torbey of Neoplants - The first generation of plants bioengineered to fight air pollution

  • Maria Cho of TripleBar - Creator of a platform which optimises cell lines through evolution at rapid speed.

  • Roya Amini-Naieni of Trilobio - Creating end-to-end automated synthetic biology.

  • Mohammad Khalil El Hajj, PhD of Bright Biotech - Creating high quality & affordable recombinant proteins for the life sciences and food sectors.

  • Dr Nora Khaldi of Nuritas - Using a combination of artificial intelligence and DNA analyses to discover new disease-beating functional ingredients in food that have various therapeutic qualities.

  • France-Emmanuelle Adil of Tiamat Sciences - Growing the next generation of biomolecules using plants as bioreactors.

  • Amos Palfreyman of Miruku - Breeding and engineering plant crops to turn their cells into dairy proteins using energy from the sun.

  • Itai Cohen of Gavan - Creator of a waste-free protein extraction method that has the potential to ‘enrich and enhance dairy products’.

  • Simona Fehlmann of sallea - Developing scaffolds with highly controlled pore size, pore shape and overall porosity from a broad range of relevant materials.

  • Christina Nesheva of Officinae Bio - A platform that integrates purpose-built experimental protocols, proprietary datasets and algorithms to accelerate product design and development, from personalised cell therapies to precision fermentation.

  • Joshua Robinson of Cocoon Bioscience - Manufacturing high performance growth factors and enzymes using an automated platform which leverages cocooned insects as natural, low cost bioreactors.

  • Paul Rutten of Concert Bio - Developer of a full-stack microbial community optimisation platform designed for biotech businesses.

  • Sammy Bajwa of Synphonee - Reimagining photosynthesis to create a carbon-negative food, feed and fuel ecosystem.

  • Chris Green of CellRev - Revolutionising cell cultivation with a scalable, industry-first continuous bioprocessing technology.

  • Paul den Dulk of Proteins of Tomorrow - Combining food technology and biotechnology to create mycoprotein muscle tissue.

  • Cai Linton of Multus - Engineering a new growth medium for the cellular agriculture industry that is both inexpensive and animal-free.

  • Javier I. Zaratiegui of COCUUS - Providing industrial solutions for the production of mimetic food analogues of plant or cell-based animal protein using 2D/3D laser printing, bioprinting and robotics.

Enabling Tech

  • Yossi Quint of Ark Biotech - Building bioreactors and operating systems for the industrial production of cultivated meat.

  • Zoe Yu Tung Law of New Wave Biotech - Developing computational modelling software to help alt protein businesses scale bioprocesses better, cheaper and faster.

  • Stef van Grieken of Cradle - Helping biologists design improved proteins using powerful prediction algorithms and AI design suggestions.

  • David Brandes of planetarygroup - Designing, building and operating upstream, downstream and formulations capacity and related IP for biomass and precision fermentation players globally.

  • Dr Monika Tomecka of uFraction8 - Developing microfluidics-based filter systems as a solution to help bio-manufacturers harvest their products with energy-efficient and scalable bioprocessing systems.

  • Julian Englert of Adaptyv Bio - Creator of a “full-stack protein engineering foundry”, which tests new AI-designed proteins quickly and at scale.

  • Bianca Drevensek of Edge - Creating cell factories to mass-produce authentic serum alternatives and growth factors for the future of biomanufacturing.

  • Ori Zakin of BioRaptor - Empowering every scientist and biotech firm, making AI-powered bioscience insights a natural part of every workflow.

Carbon Capture

  • Jim Mann of UNDO - Spreading basalt rocks on agricultural land and allowing them to break down, absorbing CO2 from the air.

  • Makoto Hamamoto Eyre of Homeostasis - A CO2 removal and utilisation company building a novel pipeline that outputs raw materials for industrial applications.

  • Karl Khalil of 2D Membranes - Capturing CO2 emissions from industries such as cement and steel, thermal power plants and biogas facilities by separating CO2 from their stream with a graphene membrane-based technology.


  • Wei Wu of Heatrix - Competitively replacing fossil fuels in heavy industries with carbon-neutral process heat up to 1500 °C.

  • Ilan Palacci of Ever Dye - Developer of an innovative dyeing process and a low-heat, low-energy, bio-based pigment designed to depollute the textile industry.

  • Dr. Sotiria Mostrou of Biosimo Chemicals - Creating bio-based chemicals so everyday products like textiles, glues, and films can become greener without changing design, supply chain, or market price.

  • Samuel Hess of UniSieve - Providing patent-pending membrane solutions for a broad range of applications that promise to save a significant fraction of the energy costs and CO2 emissions on many separation processes.

  • Jerome Unidad of Project Z - Scalable carbon-neutral production of commodity chemicals.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

  • Juan Mario Michan of Daphne Technology - Measuring and reducing greenhouse gases from industrial sources by developing and integrating innovative technology.

  • Patrick Asdaghi of Carbon Maps - comprehensive, science-based, data-driven climate management platform for the food industry.

  • Niklas Wallsargård of Improvin' - A platform that helps agri-food companies to measure, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance biodiversity in their own value chain.

  • Stijn Gysemans of ClimateCamp - An open carbon infrastructure platform to help decarbonise the food industry and its supply chains.

  • Tanish Shewani of Bharat Carbon - Developing solutions to help consumers measure, analyse and reduce our carbon impact.

  • Federico Cristoforoni of Net Zero Insights - Giving decision-makers access to the leading market intelligence platform on climate innovation.

  • Till Quack of Zerofy - An app that automatically tracks household carbon footprint in real-time, and then makes recommendations for lowering it by switching to low-carbon energy and products.

  • Markus Linder of inoqo - A retail solution which enables grocery retailers, food and beverage brands and suppliers to calculate the socio-environmental impact of their products and ingredients.

  • Christian Kramer of FOOD2050 - Measuring and monitoring the environmental impact of each stakeholder group within the food world and helping them to improve their environmental footprint.

Climate Finance

  • Benjamin Tincq of Marble - Partnering with scientists, engineers and operators to build deeptech startups that slash emissions, remove carbon, and cool the planet.

  • Jérôme Cochet of goodcarbon - Reinventing the way in which climate tech companies access funding with a platform that connects projects, investors, and businesses.

  • Guillaume De Dorlodot of Startup Basecamp - A membership platform helping international founders connect with Silicon Valley investors and experts.

  • Bertrand Gacon of Impaakt - Bringing impact analysis to the heart of investment decisions so that capital can be directed to the businesses that have the best possible impact on the planet and society.

Energy Optimisation

  • Bratislav Svetozarevic of Zurich Soft Robotics - Offering Solskin™, a “second skin” for buildings which offers a unique combination of dynamic PV system and sun protection.

  • Sébastien Cajot of Urbio - Developing generative design software to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

  • Nicolas Weber of Voltiris - Enabling double-use of large greenhouse surfaces to produce electricity without impacting their high agricultural yield, thanks to a proprietary solar panel design.

  • Michael Stanton of Ki Hydrogen - Breaking through the energy barrier to green hydrogen.

  • Paul Mahacek of AtmoCooling - Transforming coastal deserts into thriving hubs of agriculture, clean energy, and climate resilience using patented large-scale evaporative cooling, seawater, and solar energy.

Energy Production

  • Francesco A. Volpe of Renaissance Fusion - Building stellarators for fusion energy - the most efficient, steady, and stable fusion reactors on earth.

  • Saurabh KAPOOR of Metafuels AG - Powering the future of aviation with sustainable aviation fuel to achieve affordable air travel without the carbon footprint.

  • Florent Héroguel of Bloom Biorenewables - Producing energy-dense compounds from non-edible biomass that can be used as sustainable fuels and fuel additives for heavy transportation purposes.


  • Raffael Wohlgensinger of Formo - Developing animal-free dairy products using nature-identical milk proteins created via precision fermentation.

  • Laura Katz of Helaina - Using precision fermentation to create bioidentical human breast milk proteins.

  • Adnan Oner of Farmless - Turning renewable energy into food through fermentation, using a liquid feedstock made from co2 and h2, green ammonia and minerals as feedstocks to create a single-cell protein for human consumption.

  • Nathalie Rolland of Nutropy - Inspired by traditional French cheesemaking methods to create animal-free gourmet cheese via precision fermentation.

  • Tomas Turner of Cultivated Biosciences - Developing a clean-label, sustainable fat ingredient from oleaginous yeast, which offers the creaminess needed for plant-based dairy.

  • Katelijne Bekers of MicroHarvest - Producing healthy, tasty protein sustainably using the power of microorganisms.

  • Daniel MacGowan von Holstein of Kynda - Producing mycelium-based protein, but also providing companies with infrastructure and operational support for their own biomass fermentation.

  • Isabella Iglesias-Musachio of Bosque Foods - Creating clean-label, minimally-processed, whole-cut meat and fish alternatives grown naturally from fungal mycelium.

  • Alan Ramos of Libre Foods - Developing whole-cut meats, such as "chicken" breast and steak, from the power of fungi through biomass fermentation.

  • Tim Fronzek of - Developing superior technical functional ingredients from microbial biomass for the food industry.

  • Ninna Granucci of Green Spot Technologies - Using a proprietary fermentation platform to transform wasted fruit and vegetable by-products into low-carb flour with improved nutritional value and functionality.

  • Christoph Jenny of Planted - Combining proprietary structuring and fermentation technologies to produce delicious, clean-label meat from plant proteins.

  • Zachary Austin of Pacifico Biolabs - Developing world-leading fermentation technology to harness the power of mycelium for best-in-class seafood alternatives.

  • Anton Pluschke of Ordinary Seafood - Using the power of plant protein and biotechnology to deliver the next generation of delicious and sustainable seafood.

  • Anastasia Krivoruchko of Melt&Marble - Using precision fermentation to produce animal-free fats for the alternative protein industry.

  • Stéphane Mac Millan at Bon Vivant - Developing animal-free dairy milk using precision fermentation.

  • Murat Badur of Maya Milk, Inc. - A precision fermentation company producing animal-origin-free dairy proteins and fats.

Alternative Proteins

  • Chris Bryson of New School Foods - Creating no-compromise meat alternatives, starting with a plant-based fillet that looks, cooks, tastes and flakes like wild salmon.

  • George Peppou of Vow - A cultivated meat company, perhaps best known for its wooly mammoth meatball.

  • Roee Nir of Forsea Foods - Nourishing the world with delicious, high-quality, cultivated seafood.

  • Daniel Einhorn of Mermade Seafoods - Revolutionising the cell-based industry with a one-of-a-kind medium recycling technology based on microalgae.

  • Giuseppe Scionti of NOVAMEAT - Producing realistic, 3D-printed plant-based meat alternatives.

  • Thijs Wullems of Monkeys By The Sea - Building a global plant-based seafood brand, with products including plant-based tuna and plant-based crispy cod bites.

  • Hendrik Kaye of Esencia Foods - Building the fish and seafood alternatives of the future with mushroom mycelium.

  • Tilen Travnik of Juicy Marbles - Creating plant-based whole cuts via a proprietary protein texturing technology.

  • Marc Coloma of Heura - Producing clean-label, highly nutritious plant-based meat alternatives.

  • Ofek Ron of Plantish - On a mission to create boneless fish whole-cuts made entirely out of plants.

  • Ronny Reinberg of Alfred's Food Tech - Developing an innovative and scalable approach to alternative protein product texturisation.

  • Insa Mohr of Mooji Meats - Developing plant-based steaks that look, feel and taste like the real deal.

  • Robin Simsa of Revo Foods - Using high-precision 3D food printing technology to create the next generation of sustainable seafood.

  • Frankie Fox of FoodSquared - Developing realistic and healthy plant-based shellfish.

  • Nicolas Schweitzer of La Vie™ - Creating delicious plant-based meat alternatives thanks to a patented fat recipe.

  • Deniz Ficicioglu of Bettaf!sh - A seaweed company making authentic-tasting vegan tuna.

  • Leonardo Marcovitz of ​​More Foods - Creating novel and tasty meat alternative products by using unexplored plant-based side streams and ingredients from the food industry.

Ingredient Innovation

  • Gregor Tegl of Arkeon Biotechnologies - Turning CO2 into functional, climate positive ingredients for food.

  • Josh Sauer, PhD of Inulox Ltd - Creator of an active ingredient that turns sugar into fiber AFTER you eat the sugar.

  • Eldad Arnon of tupu - Locally cultivating gourmet mushrooms, cutting supply chain emissions and plastic packaging.

  • Yonatan Golan of Brevel - Creator of a unique microalgae-based protein that is flavour and colour neutral, has a full amino-acid profile, is highly functional and is affordable for the food industry.

  • Gerit Tolborg of Chromologics - Pioneering natural colors by using precision fermentation.

  • Ahrum Pak of WNWN Food Labs - Making sustainable, future-proof foods, starting with cocoa-free chocolate.

  • Liat Lachish Levy of ChickP - Producing highly functional chickpea protein isolate boasting a uniquely concentrated protein load.

  • Michal Beressi Golomb of Celleste Bio - Focused on producing high quality and high value cocoa ingredients using cell culture methods, eliminating the dependence on cultivation of cocoa trees.

  • Maya Sapir-Mir of PoLoPo - Using potato-based molecular farming technology to replicate ovalbumin, the protein found in egg white.

  • Erwin Jurtschitsch of 350 PPM Biotech - Using precision fermentation to produce high-quality ingredients for feed and food.

  • Jim Laird of ENOUGH - Producing ABUNDA® mycoprotein, a complete food ingredient containing all essential amino acids as well as being high in dietary fibre.

  • Lars Langhout of NoPalm Ingredients - "Brewing" tailor-made fermented oils and fats to create high quality, sustainable, local and circular alternatives to palm oil in food, cosmetics and detergent products.

  • Moran Avni of Yofix Probiotics - Developing and manufacturing dairy and soy-free fermented plant-based pre- and probiotic foods.

  • Carlos Cabrera of Greencovery - Recovering organic acids and amino acids from food industry side streams to make flavours, fragrances and food supplements.

  • Aviel Even of Ingrediome - Producing recombinant animal matrix proteins using an expression system that has 10x less CAPEX than precision fermentation.

  • Hadar Ekhoiz Razmovich of MEALA Foodtech - Aiming to become the industry gold standard replacing methyl cellulose and hydrocolloids in plant based products, enabling producers to create healthier products with a shorter list of ingredients.

  • Kotaiba Aal of Angry Camel - Using innovative extraction techniques to produce high-quality chickpea protein at a lower cost than traditional methods.

  • Jon Ho of Allium Bio - Creating sustainable and functional ingredients to level up the entire plant-based food industry.

  • Arnaud Delacour of The VERY Food Co - Replacing egg products and dairy ingredients with ready-to-use and affordable plant-based ingredients, without compromising on functionality and taste.

  • Simon Johansson of Nordic SeaFarm - Growing seaweed in a scalable, sustainable way for the food industry.

Food Waste Reduction

  • Vahid Sohrabpour of SAVEGGY - Producing a bio-based edible vegan coating that extends the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Raphael Fellmer of Sirplus - Offering subscription boxes filled with high quality surplus produce rescued from farmers or producers.

  • David Whitewood of Upp™ - Harvesting nutritious, health-promoting proteins and ingredients from the 80% of broccoli that is grown to waste.

  • Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu of ColdHubs - Providing solar-powered food storage units designed to keep food fresh at markets and farms.


  • Jürg Germann of INVERTO - Using innovative technology to make mangrove restoration profitable at scale.

  • Frederic Fournier of Open Forest Protocol - A forest measurement, reporting and verification platform built on a carbon-neutral blockchain, that allows forest projects of any size, all over the world, to measure, report and verify their forestation data.


  • Mitchell Duffy of Cambrium - Using molecular design technology to create next-generation biomaterials.

  • Joanne Rodriguez of Mycocycle - Developing and licensing a process to minimise waste, create new biobased raw materials and reduce greenhouse gases using fungi.

  • Eben Bayer of Ecovative - Using mycelium to grow products ranging from leather-like textiles to sustainable packaging and high performance foams for apparel and beauty.

  • Lance Johnson of PDA Ecolab - Using bio-based materials to improve the performance of composites while reducing the CO2 impact across a range of verticals including sports and leisure, automotive, aerospace, and renewable energy.

  • Stephanie Downs of UNCAGED Innovations - Developing next-generation performance materials to replace bovine and exotic leather.

  • Romain Metivet of Cellulotech - Using cellulose to competitively replace billions of tonnes of unsustainable and harmful materials.

  • Lukas Schertel of Impossible Materials - Commercialising a cellulose-based alternative to titanium dioxide, which is a white pigment recently banned in the EU for use in foods.

  • Michel Perret of MeSentia AG - Developer of a pallet made of natural fibre, as strong as a wood pallet but lighter and almost 100% recyclable.


  • Martin Weber of one • fıve - Creating biomaterials that claim to reduce carbon emissions of the packaging industry “by up to 76%”.

  • Dejan Mitrovic of Moree - Developing a reusable packaging solution to make it easy and affordable for brands to ditch single-use plastic.

  • Ricardo Garcia of Coffee Kreis - On a mission to reduce single-use plastics, excessive coffee waste and methane emissions via sustainable and reusable everyday consumer products made of recycled coffee grounds.

  • Mitchell D. Anderson of Composite Recycling - Developer of a unique process to recover glass fibers from composite material like boat hulls and wind turbines in an economically viable way.

  • Carlo Fedeli of FlexSea - A sustainable-packaging company aiming to replace traditional petroleum plastic film with an innovative natural, biodegradable and edible material derived from seaweed.

  • Adam Korczak of Treeless Pack - Producing a natural biomaterial, made from microorganisms and organic waste, which is an alternative to traditional paper and plastic packaging.

  • Samantha Anderson of DePoly - Creator of innovative technology that can recycle all PET plastic waste, regardless of its source and state.


  • Jan Goetz of IQM Quantum Computers - Delivering on-premises quantum computers for research laboratories and supercomputing centers.


  • Aydin Nas of ease - Creator of robotic restaurants-in-a-box that can be placed anywhere, such as at offices, universities, transport hubs or gyms.


  • Fajer Mushtaq of Oxyle - Providing a novel wastewater treatment that completely eliminates the most persistent and toxic micropollutants from our bodies of water.

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