Europe's 50+ Top Climate VC's To Know

From the associates and analysts to the emerging managers

We asked Linkedin who were the people in Climate venture to know. 250+ comments later, we realised this list was too much for one article.

So, we're breaking it down to a 3-part series:1) Europe2) USA 3) APAC, MENA, Africa, LatAm

Kicking off with Europe - which seems to be the Climate VC hotspot of the world. Particularly the UK and Germany, which together represent more than half of this list.

From the associates and analysts who are championing climate tech inside of generalist funds, to the emerging impact managers who are all in on Climate - these are the 50+ Climate VC's of Europe that you should know.

This list is not comprehensive, If there's someone we missed, just add their name here.


🇩🇪 Germany

Christian Guba, FoodLabs. Biotech VC at FoodLabs after stints in tech, venture building, and product management. Portfolio inc. MicroHarvest, Bosque Foods, Bright Biotech.

Lauren Lentz, Revent. Former Scientist, served as Advisor at Foundamental, studied at Yale, Harvard, and Oxford, and started her career at McKinsey. Portfolio inc. one • fıve, Granular, electricity map.

Jessica Burley, Planet A Ventures. Studied Politics and International Relations at Cambridge, worked as a Climate Venture Researcher for the United Nations and developed her interest by working at a pre-seed sustainability startup, before joining Planet A. Portfolio inc. Project Upright, Landbanking Group, Dovetail.

Nadine Geiser, Redalpine, Studied biotechnology in Munich and Singapore before completing a PhD at ETH Zurich. Portfolio inc. Formo, Better Dairy, MushLabs.

Maximilian A. Bade, Nucleus Capital. Looking to partner with purpose-driven founders in synthetic & computational biology, food & climate-tech at pre/seed stage. Portfolio inc. Planet A Foods, Ucaneo, Root Global.

 Melina Sánchez Montañés, AENU. Principal investor and VP Impact, covering Food & Ag. Portfolio inc. airly, Patch, Heirloom.

 Aline Vedder, Lakestar. Formerly at Ananda Impact Ventures, Acton Capital and Rocket Internet, Aline now represents the firms Climate and Health focus. Portfolio inc. Aware and Minimum.

 Yoann Berno, Climentum Capital. "Started as a software engineer in Chicago, joined a hyper-growth startup in San Francisco, launched a cleantech business in Kenya, then became a VC investor in Berlin". Portfolio inc. Entocycle, Wayout, Qvantum 

Juan Bautista Pinilla, BlueYard Capital. BlueYard invests in founders with transforming ideas that decentralize markets and empower humanity. Portfolio inc. Meatable, Positive Food Co., Marvel Fusion 

Marie Asano, ECBF. Growth-stage venture capital fund dedicated to growth-stage investments within the European Circular Bioeconomy. Portfolio inc. Nuritas, Aphea.Bio 

Peter Schmetz, Vorwerk. An independent € 150m Venture Capital Fund grown out of the Vorwerk Group in late 2019 and defines itself through a strong commitment towards consumer-facing digital businesses. Portfolio inc. Better Dairy, Planted, alpakas. 

Lena Brueggen from Be8. Berlin-based growth stage Venture Capital Fund and our core value is a strong commitment towards innovation throughout the entire food and beverage value chain. Portfolio in. New Culture, Melt&Marble, Michroma. 

Marieke Gehres, Earlybird Venture Capital. Focuses on European technology companies. Portfolio inc. GOURMEY, Marvel Fusion 

Friedrich A. Neuman, Urban Impact Capital. "Serial entrepreneur with 17 years of company building experience. Co-founded 4 startups and acted as a founding investor in another 6. Now hands-on early stage impact investor." Portfolio inc. Carbo Culture, ostrom, ecoLocked 

Manon Sarah Littek, Green Generation Fund. The Green Generation Fund invests in disruptive technologies at seed stages to enable breakthroughs in Food Tech and Green Tech. Portfolio inc. Change Foods, Lypid, one • fıve. 

Lucille Bonnet, Klima Energy Transition. "Seasoned venture capital investor in the field of energy / cleantech, automation & IoT, as well as industrial technology start-ups (+11 years)". Portfolio inc. Mainspring, SunRoof, Meteomatics 

Xavier Sarras, 4P CAPITAL. "We are operator investors and early backers of disruptive tech companies that empower people to make both conscious consumption and sustainable production a reality".Portfolio inc. Pina Earth, one • fıve, .planetly. 

Crispin Leick, EnBW New Ventures. "The Venture Capital arm of EnBW. We invest in innovative strongly growing companies driving the energy, mobility and urban transformation through scalable business models". Portfolio inc. Cyclce, Easelink, Cleverciti 

Charlotte Baumhauer, SquareOne. "Berlin based early-stage investor focussed on B2B Technology. Looking for founding teams in Europe solving complex tech problems, with a strong focus on Climate Tech solution". Portfolio inc. Circular Carbon Chemistry 

Yair Reem, Extantia. "climate-first venture capital firm accelerating the path to a decarbonised world. We unite mission-driven entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and business leaders to advance the transition", Portfolio inc. RepAir, Leko Labs, Modern Electron 

🇬🇧 United Kingdom

Will Wells, firstminute capital. "Climate Tech Founder turned VC. My first start up, Hummingbird Technologies - an AI software platform to measure Regen Ag from space - recently exited to Agreena". Portfolio inc. Agreena, VitroLabs, ecolocked. 

Andrew Shebbeare, Counteract. "Love solving complex problems to create new value. After 20 years in finance, technology and media I've set my sights on identifying and backing the next generation of negative emissions technology". Portfolio Inc. Agricarbon, InterEarth, Parallel Carbon. 

Pippa Gawley, Zero Carbon Capital. Climate tech investor for early-stage businesses creating scientific innovations to address the biggest unsolved problems of climate change, focused on pre-seed and seed stage. Portfolio inc. Anaphite, Biozeroc, Multus Media. 

Max Blanshard, 2150. PhD in Molecular and Synthetic biology from UCL and is an associate at 2150, investing in urban sustainability. Portfolio inc. Biomason, Leko Labs, Carbon Cure. 

Helen Lin, At One Ventures. Investing in a world where humanity is a net positive to nature. Seeking innovative technologies that can upend the traditional industries contributing to climate change. Portfolio inc. Climax Foods, Iron Ox, Cruz Foam. 

Clara Ricard, Transition Global. Stealth VC investing in early-stage tech startups, excited about climate and using tech for good.

 Silje Merete, Energy Impact Partners. Venture capital and growth fund investing in companies advancing critical climate solutions. We help companies scale by leveraging our strategic partner coalition. Portfolio inc. Boston Metal, Ev Energy, Nitricity. 

Jaume Ayats Soler, All Iron Ventures. "Invest in the early stages of European companies that aspire to reshape the future of both consumers and enterprises through technology". Portfolio inc. aplanet, sunhero 

Ferdinando Sigona, LocalGlobe. Entrepreneur First, now Partner at LocalGlobe, "backing founders who ride 21st century waves in climate, health & finance". Portfolio inc. Shell Works, Infarm, Ontruck. 

Clara Wat, Wi Venture. Investing in early stage companies in climate tech, with past experience in Sustainable Finance and impact investing. Portfolio inc. skyseed, Carbonfuture, Klim. 

Madelene Larsson, Tommy Stadlen, Giant Ventures. "Backs purpose-driven technology founders solving the world’s biggest challenges across three themes in climate, health and inclusive capitalism". Portfolio inc. Synonym, Agreena, Waterplan 

Mathew Munro, Octopus Ventures. Investing in Deep Tech startups at Octopus Ventures. Helping founders create the future of Rockets, Robotics, AI and Computing. 

🇫🇷 France

Alison Imbert, Partech. "Love to invest in founders obsessed by building a new category leader. Love it even more when they want to have a positive impact on our society". Portfolio inc. Neoplants, GOURMEY, LaVie. 

Namratha Kothapalli, Speedinvest. Trained computer scientist turned early-stage investor, focusing on deep tech and climate tech. Interested in solutions that can help with climate crisis mitigation and adaptation. Portfolio inc. Planetly, TIER, NeoCarbon

Mathieu Goudot at Circular Innovation Fund. "Global growth-stage venture capital fund led by Cycle Capital andDemeter, leading cleantech capital managers, focused exclusively on circular innovation, striving to positively contribute to climate change mitigation and the circular use of resources".

Guillaume Baxter, Sofinnova Partners. "We are a team believing we're at the dawn of a biology-driven era and doing our best to have a disproportionate impact in Industrial Biotechnologies for Food, Agriculture and Materials". Portfolio inc. EnginZyme, Biosyntia, Micropep.

Benjamin Tincq, Marble. "We partner with scientists, engineers and operators to solve hard climate problems, and create companies that slash emissions, remove carbon, and cool the planet".

 Matthieu de Chanville, Shift4Good. Fund dedicated to Impact Investing in the smart mobility & circular economy sector. Portfolio inc. Eyelights, Compredict. 

Lea Bajc, Blue Horizon. "Impact driven entrepreneur and investor that brings two decades of investing and operating experience." Portfolio inc. Atomo, Cultivated Biosciences, Mosa Meat 

Nadja Bresous Mehigan, XAnge. "Passionnate about Carbon Markets, Nature Based Projects, Synbio, Climate Intelligence, Bio Materials". Portfolio inc. Pina Earth, Greenly

Xavier Lorphelin, Serena. "Decarbonizing the global economy will require changing and adapting all existing infrastructures and high-emission assets (energy, transportation, retail, agriculture and food, buildings, industries...). Climate tech will enable this unprecedented transformation." Portfolio inc. Electra, Pelico, Descartes Underwriting, Accenta

🇸🇪 Sweden

Sandra Malmberg, EQT Ventures. Ex food tech innovator/marketer/creative turned early stage VC investor at EQT Ventures. Focusing on food- and climate tech. Portfolio inc. Formo,

Erik Byrenius, Trellis Road. "Foodtech entrepreneur, exited to Delivery Hero in 2012. Now trying to help other startups, partly by building stuff for the ecosystem and partly by investing in high-impact foodtech founders", Portfolio inc. Arborea, microTERRA, Project Eaden. 

Erika Hombert, HackCapital. My background in biotech and scale-up, particularly excited for technologies that sit on intersection of tech and bio. Portfolio inc. Arkeon Biotechnologies, MeliBio, Hyfe. 

Tove Larsson, Norrsken VC. General Partner, wants to create a world that is optimised for both people and planet. Portfolio inc. Northvolt, ClimateView, Stockeld Dreamery.

Christine Ahlstrand, Course Corrected. Founder of Course Corrected, a climate focused VC fund. Portfolio Inc. Infarm, petfood, Globhe 

Katja Bergman, BRIGHTLY Ventures. General Partner and co-founder at BRIGHTLY Ventures, an early-stage Nordic venture firm based in Stockholm. Portfolio inc. Yable, Fenik, Zevoy.

Lindsey Higgins, Pale Blue Dot. "More than 10 years experience in climate research and communications, transforming complicated information and data into useful and compelling content that drives decision-making". Portfolio inc. Climate X, Hier Foods, Monta. 

🇪🇸 Spain

Alexis Caporale, World Fund. "background on engineering, energy and climate change. Trying to help on a low-carbon, climate-resilient, just, equal and inclusive transformation". Portfolio inc. Planet A Foods, treecard, FreshFlow.

 Letizia Royo-Villanova, Plug and Play Tech Center. "Venture Capital analyst specialized in FinTech, also investing in Enterprise Tech and InsurTech. Passionate about Financial Inclusion, Developing Economies, and Climate". Portfolio inc Minimum, Sylvera, Helios.

Juan N., Zacua Ventures. Early stage global VC specialized in investing in the Built Environment sector. Portfolio inc. ecoworksecoworks 

🇨🇭 Switzerland

Myke Näf, Übermorgen Ventures. Computer science engineer by education and the founder of Doodle, business angel since exit. Portfolio inc. Fermify, Ostrom, Carbo Culture.

 Christina Ulardic, Astanor Ventures. Experienced impact investor, helping to build a sustainable and regenerative agri-food technology sector. Portfolio inc. MeliBio, Apeel, Modern Meadow. 

Gina Domanig, Emerald. "Globally recognized investment and venture capital firm with a focus on cleantech. Before becoming an investor, Gina spent 10 years working at Sulzer as head of M&A". Portfolio inc. Believer Meats, XFarm Technologies, enocean 

🇮🇱 Israel

Itamar Weizman, Firstime VC. "Promoting the Climate Revolution by funding Climate Tech companies at Firstime VC, publishing sustainable ideas at Radical Publishing House, and lecturing on Climate Studies at SCE College". Portfolio inc. growin, clarifruit, BeeHero. 

Jack Levy, MoreVC. "Founding Partner, investing in pre-seed, seed and early-stage Israeli technology start-ups. Typically focuses on companies in the area of agritech, foodtech, mobility, fintech, insuretech and digital health". Portfolio inc. Carbon Blue, Imagindairy, Wanda Fish 

🇵🇹 Portugal

Romain Diaz, Satgana. Climate Tech VC firm on a mission to invest in planet-positive startups building solutions to the climate and ecological crisis. Portfolio inc. Yeasty, Orbio Earth, Mazi Mobility. 

Antonio Miguel, MSM. "MSM is an early-stage impact fund. We invest in brave founders solving the world’s biggest social and environmental challenges." Portfolio inc. bikesale, Ivy Protocol, Agroleague 

🇳🇴 Norway

Nina Heir, Katapult. "We have invested in 115 companies from 35 countries that have all been through our accelerator programs". Portfolio inc. Distributed Energy, GreenChoice, Jiva Materials. 

 Kristin Aamodt at ArcTern Ventures. Venture capital firm obsessed with helping solve the climate crisis and rethinking sustainability. ArcTern invests globally in breakthrough technology companies solving climate change and sustainability. Portfolio inc. Mosa Meat, Terramera, Carbon America. 

🇳🇱 Netherlands

Julia Padberg, SET Ventures. "Invests in digital technology for a carbon-free energy system by backing pioneering founders with capital, community, and insights". Portfolio inc. Frequenz, Elmodis, General Fusion 

Janneke Niessen, CapitalT. "Serial entrepreneur, angel investor, board member and mentor for startups and co-founder of CapitalT, a VC fund that invests in technology companies using proprietary technology to evaluate entrepreneurial teams". Portfolio inc. Overstory, SojoKristen Rocca, UNOVIS. "Investing in purpose-driven entrepreneurs with a shared vision for a well-fed and sustainable world". Portfolio inc. Aleph Farms, Atlast, BlueNalu

🇱🇹 Lithuania

Rokas Peciulaitis, Contrarian Ventures. "In search of economic moats at the early stage in Climate tech across Europe and Israel". Portfolio inc. BeZero Carbon, PVcase, eliq. 

🇮🇹 Italy

Stefano Bernardi, Unruly Capital. Solo GP, has been investing in startups for more than 10 years. Portfolio inc. Unicorn biotechnologies, Alga Biosciences, Renaissance Fusion 

Next week we'll be back with the top US Climate VC's to follow 🇺🇸

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Disclaimer: Several of the listed investors are also directly or indirectly invested in the authors company, HackCapital. This is not a reason why they were listed, they're simply just some of the best VC's who we also happen to work with.