80 Swiss Climate Tech Founders To Know

From energy optimisation in real estate to carbon capturing concrete

Driven by two strong technical universities (ETH Zurich, EPFL) that are spinning-off some of the most deep tech startups in Europe and fuelled by VC interest in the Swiss tech ecosystem - the climate tech scene of Switzerland has seen a boom in recent years.

It’s no surprise when we asked Linkedin who were the top Climate startups to know in Switzerland, the list came back with over 80+ names.

From energy optimisation in real estate to carbon capturing concrete, alternative meats to decarbonised chemicals - here’s a look into the Swiss climate ecosystem in 2023.

If there’s someone you think we’ve missed - please add them to the list here.

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Mark Essam Zahran of YASAI - Builds and manages vertical farms based on a circular economy to transform food systems.

Benoit de Combaud at Infrascreen - Develops light filters for greenhouses that enables drastic improvements in climate management.

Nicolas Weber of Voltiris - Combines spectrum filtering for agricultural productivity with photovoltaic performance.

Aurelien G. Demaurex of Ecorobotix - Offering precise, safe, reliable and affordable robotic solutions to produce healthy and affordable food.


Jodok Reinhardt of LIBREC - Recycles lithium-ion car batteries and returns all components back to the manufacturing of new batteries.

David Taylor of Unbound Potential - Creates solutions for long-term energy storage based on a novel membrane-less flow redox battery technology.

Paul Baade of eightinks - Building powerful lithium ion batteries with scalable manufacturing, novel cell designs and high performance materials.


Sotiria Mostrou of Biosimo Chemicals - Chemical engineering to develop and operate processes to produce bio-based platform chemicals.

Remy Buser from Bloom Biorenewables - provide a novel route to source molecules from plants as an alternative to petroleum-based products.

Samantha Anderson of DePoly - chemical-based method for recycling post-consumer PET containers.

Felix Bobbink of Plastogaz - develops a hydrocracking technology for the transformation of hard to recycle plastic waste into circular feedstock.

Samuel Hess of UniSieve AG - provides membrane solutions to save energy costs and CO2 emissions on many separation processes.

Carbon Capture

Jan Wurzbacher of Climeworks - offering carbon dioxide removal as a service via direct air capture (DAC) technology.

Carbon Marketplaces

Charles Peurois of Enchar - B2B market platform for biochar - providing a comprehensive platform for the sale and procurement of biochar.

Tim Duehrkoop of Xilva - Digital marketplace for investments in regenerative forests.

Raphaël Haupt of Toucan - Builds public carbon market infrastructure on the blockchain to help coordinate and fund efforts for climate challenge.

Thomas Käslin of Terra Preta - producing biochar from agricultural residues and creating Carbon Credits in exchange

Climate Finance

Christian Sutter of mympact - Track the carbon footprint of your spending, discover eco-friendly alternatives and reduce your impact.

Manuel Seiffe of MPower Ventures - partners with local entrepreneurs to finance and distribute clean energy to households and SMEs in emerging markets.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

Aureline Grange of Open Forest Protocol - allows forest projects of any size, all over the world, to measure, report and verify their forestation data.

Thaïs de Tribolet of ROSE Framework - B2B Software solution to empower companies to establish a sustainability strategy and implement it.

Andreas Brenner of Jua - end to end deep learning model for weather forecasts.

Jürg Germann of Inverto - automate mangrove restoration as a service for mangrove restoration groups.


Valentin Gutknecht of Neustark - Developer of solutions to permanently store CO2 from the air in recycled mineral waste such as demolished concrete.

Thibault Demoulin of Oxara - Developing additives to transform construction waste, such as excavation materials, into an ecological, cement-free concrete.

Etienne Jeoffroy of FenX - turns mineral waste into high-performance, non-flammable and sustainable insulation panels for buildings.

Tobias Bonwetsch of Rematter - creates circular, low carbon buildings by starting with floor slab systems.

Energy Production

Margaux Peltier of Enerdrape - Builder of prefabricated geothermal panel technologies able to capture renewable thermal energy.

Sergey Pancheshnyi of E2S Power - implementation of thermal energy storage with a focus on retrofitting and repurposing existing coal fired plants.

Energy Optimisation

Ion Padilla of Wegaw - Remote sensing satellite data with machine learning to optimize renewable energy production for hydropower generation.

Gianluca Corbellini of Hive Power - SaaS platform to manage anything connected to the grid, from Energy Communities to EV Charging.

Stefano Grassi of Gilytics - Helping energy and engineering companies find the best route for powerlines and other linear infrastructure.

Andrew Bollinger of Sympheny - Offers a subscription-based SaaS platform to develop, manage & continuously extract value from energy systems.

Kevin Häfeli of Helio. Reducing emissions in the cloud by matching idle capacity with the demand of large-scale computing workloads.

Liliane Ableitner of Exnaton - SaaS platform for energy sharing and billing for energy suppliers to unlock digital business opportunities.

Till Quack of Zerofy - App to track your household footprint and switch to lower-carbon energy and products.

Energy Optimisation - Real Estate

Sébastien Cajot of Urbio - Develops generative design software for the key actors of the energy transition - with a focus on energy efficiency of buildings.

Evan Petkov of OPTIML - End-to-end software platform to generate intelligent low cost and low carbon investment strategies for existing buildings.

Dominik Bucher of Scandens - provides software solutions to create feasible, profitable and 1.5°C-compliant renovation plans – fast and at scale.

Gian Reto à Porta of Norm - Determines the energy efficiency and CO₂ emissions of properties and prepares specific renovation proposals.

Pietro Gagliard of CLEVERON - Allows you to save on heating costs and monitor air quality in indoor spaces.

Josef Timoteo Jenni of Yuon Control - helps you to save up to 25% of your heating energy with simple means and low investment costs.

Joel Samsinge of MOOST - Enterprise software transforming data from buildings into personalized notifications for saving energy.

Patrik Deuss of LEDCity - Reducing electricity consumption with modern LED technology, sensors, and artificial intelligence.

Felix Bünning of Viboo - Predictive Control as a Service (PCaaS) platform for manufacturers of building energy systems to optimize heating consumption.

Cyrill Burch of zevvy - Online software for easy billing of energy and service charges in small buildings.

Food Production

Christoph Jenny of Planted - Producer of plant-based proteins with a novel biostructuring approach combining protein structuring and biotechnology.

Christoph Mayr of MIRAI FOODS - Developing cultivated meat from animal cells with a "Fibration Technology" for efficient cultivation of tissue.

Tomas Turner of Cultivated Biosciences - Developing a fat ingredient from oleaginous yeast, which offers the creaminess needed for plant-based dairy.

Freddy Hunziker of New Roots AG - Producer of 100% plant-based cheese, and other dairy alternatives, following traditional cheese-making techniques.

Flavio Hagenbuch of Luya Foods - Create alternatives to meat using mycelium fermentation technology and upcycled ingredients.

Vincent Vida of upgrain - Offers high-quality protein and fibre-containing foods that are produced using brewer's spent grain (BSG).

Samuel Bühlmann of Gaia Tech - Develops upcycling solutions to turn tons of agricultural sidestreams into clean label ingredients for cosmetics and food.

Silvan Leibacher of EggField - Developing whole and liquid egg alternatives for the gastronomy and food industry.

Christian Bärtsch of Essento - Development and production of insect based foods.

Food Waste / Emissions

Naomi MacKenzie of KITRO - Fully automated food waste hardware and software management solution for the food and beverage industry.

Olga Dubey of AgroSustain - Developer of plant-derived antifungal compounds against broad range of agronomically important fungal pathogens.

Manuel Klarmann of Eaternity - Realtime calculation engine on the carbon footprint of meals and restaurants.

Daria Reisch of Agrinorm - SaaS platform to manage product quality along the supply chain and uses AI to turn quality reports into actionable insights.

GHG Reduction

Juan Mario Michan of Daphne Technology - Measures, reduces and monetises GHG emissions from industrial sources.


David Brandes of planetary - Manufacturing partner (“CDMO”) building bioprocessing, downstream and formulations capacity globally.


Guillaume Perben of Composite Recycling - Developed a unique process to recover glass fibers from composite material in an economically viable way.

Jessica Farda of Noriware - Creating new sustainable packaging from seaweed.

Amaël Cohades of CompPair - developer of a composite material able to repair itself and be better recycled, bringing circularity to the industry.

Sarah Harbarth of KUORI - develops and sells circular, materials that are produced with the help of food side streams such as banana peel or nutshells.

Ulrike Pfreundt of rrreefs - 3D coral reef structures to promote reef life and serve as coastal protection barriers.


Gian Andri Diem of dhp technology - Produces and sells unique solar folding roof to support with sustainable energy production.

Neeraj Kumar Dasila of SmartHelio - Advanced analytics platform to increase solar PV plant performance and digitizes asset management.

Julien Morard of smartsuna - Prepares turnkey estimations for solar equipment (batteries, modules, inverter, accessories).


Leigh Hackett of Metafuels - Producing sustainable aviation fuel using water, renewable electricity and sustainably sourced carbon dioxide.

Gianluca Ambrosetti of Synhelion - Decarbonizing long-distance transportation with sun-to-liquid fuel.

Theodore Caby of Qaptis - On-board CO2 capture kit that captures up to carbon emissions from any heavy-duty vehicles (truck, ship, etc.).

Duga Hoti of Flux Mobility AG - Manufactures and sells electric commercial vehicles.

Mario Blatter of eco.mio - Software product to cut carbon emissions and cost for our customers in business travel.


Fajer Mushtaq of Oxyle - Novel technology that can efficiently eliminate a wide range of toxic and persistent organic pollutants from wastewater.

Christoph Kellenberger of Novamem - Membrane and filter manufacturer for water filtration, energy storage and liquid separations.

Dino Novia of Evodrop AG - Sustainable and efficient water treatment for (lime)scale in real estate and saline groundwater in agriculture.

Mike Hecker of BE WTR - Decarbonizing and relocalizing water supply chains through water hardware solutions for offices and homes.

Olivier Gröninger of openversum - Combining a filtration membrane system with microfranchising to provide safe and affordable drinking water.

If you’re building or investing in Climate Tech, come join us and 800+ others this May 11-12th in Lausanne, Switzerland for a global gathering of climate tech investors and entrepreneurs.

You can reserve an Investor Pass or a Startup Booth today and use code SWISSTECH for a discount on your ticket.

Disclaimer: The authors company, HackCapital, may have directly or indirectly invested in some of the startups mentioned above.