70+ Dutch Climate Tech Startups To Know

From AgTech to Biomanufacturing, Climate Finance to Energy Production

The Netherlands has always been ahead of the game in sustainability. Its government set a target to make 16% of all energy used in the Netherlands sustainable by 2023, and a renewable energy target of 97% by the end of the decade.

Plus, the Dutch Alliance for Sustainable Food was established in 2013, years before many other countries even began thinking about the future of food.

That’s why, this week, we took to LinkedIn again to learn about the Dutch climate tech founders that are making waves in the industry.

Before jumping in… what do VC’s like Planet A, FoodLabs, Lowercarbon Capital and Zero Carbon Capital and all have in common?

They’ll all be participating in this years HackSummit on May 11-12th, Europe’s dedicated climate conference for founders and funders.


  • Marco de Boer of reNature - Supporting farmers and corporates scaling regenerative agriculture practices.

  • Indra den Bakker of Overstory - On a mission to become the standard in predictive planet intelligence, offering insights into the quantity and quality of forests and other natural resources.

  • Soufiane el Khinifri of Spatialise - Using satellite measurements to offer analysis and insight into the soil quality of agricultural land.

  • Matthijs Plas of BBBLS Energy Saving Greenhouses - Providing extra insulation for greenhouses with soap bubbles, enabling the production of high quality crops with much less energy.

  • Bart van Meurs of Division Q - Developing technology to support sustainable greenhouse horticulture.

  • Liesanne Wieleman of Thermeleon - Offering a greenhouse screening system which has the added capability of passively damping the greenhouse temperature towards the crop’s needs, thereby reducing demand for natural gas.

  • Dennis van den Bos of Blockbax - Enabling growers and farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity by digitising processes like water management and soil monitoring.

  • Aria Samimi of InsectSense - Building innovative, disease detection technologies based on insects.


  • Stef van Grieken of Cradle - Helping biologists design improved proteins using powerful prediction algorithms and AI design suggestions.

  • Linda Dijkshoorn of EV Biotech - Using state-of-the-art computational modelling to design microbial cell factory strains.

Carbon Capture

  • Rob van Straten of Skytree - Developing and deploying smart technology that captures atmospheric carbon dioxide, enabling its use or storage.

  • Hans De Neve of Carbyon - Developing breakthrough equipment to capture CO2 directly from air.

  • Dr. Rose (rezvan) Sharifian of SeaO2 - Leveraging electrochemical oceanic carbon capture technology.

Carbon Credits

  • Rebekah Braswell of Land Life - A technology-driven reforestation company that plants trees at scale, offering corporations and organisations a sustainable and transparent way to compensate carbon emissions through nature restoration.

  • Gijs Schuringa of Sumthing - Showing the real-world results of nature restoration projects, directly to contributors.

  • Bernard de Wit of Regreener - Planting trees and supporting certified carbon offsetting projects on behalf of its users.


  • Veronique De Bruijn of Photanol - Using cyanobacteria to photosynthesise carbon dioxide into renewable chemicals.

Climate Education

  • Buster Franken of FruitPunch AI - Educating a generation of AI engineers in the ethical and sustainable application of AI.

Climate Finance

  • Jacqueline van den Ende of Carbon Equity - An impact investing platform that gives investors small ticket access to leading climate private equity funds.

  • Katja Grothe-Eberhardt of Klimate.co - On a mission to scale the carbon removal industry by connecting projects and buyers with efficient financing.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

  • Robert Huppertz of Orbio Earth - Using cutting-edge satellite analytics to help oil and gas companies to reduce their methane emissions.

  • Konstantinos Kouzelis of Coolset - An automated decarbonisation platform for startups and SMEs, helping them to measure, analyse and reduce emissions.

  • Alexandre Larroumets & Pierre Blanchet of Meteory - Creators of a monitoring platform which enables its partners to gain a comprehensive understanding of carbon-related issues.

  • Alexander Gunkel of Space4Good - Using remote sensing, GIS and artificial intelligence to provide data on topics such as regenerative agriculture, tropical agroforestry management, air pollution and sustainable urban development.


  • Peter Versluijs of Emergo Prefab - Specialist in the development and production of prefab building components, such as prefab roofs, prefab walls, prefab dormer windows and prefab residential modules.

  • Johan Bel of Collectief Duurzame Daken - A collective with a passion for sustainable roofs.

Energy Optimisation

  • Casper Peeters of E-magy - Producing a silicon material for EV batteries, which has a nanoscale porous structure, preventing batteries from swelling and breaking, and delivers 40% higher energy density and enables faster charging than graphite.

  • Luuk Veeken of Dexter - Offering AI-based forecasting and trading services to reduce imbalance on the electricity grid.

  • Guido Dalessi of Elestor - Providing an innovative electricity storage technology for large scale stationary applications, based on the flow battery principle.

  • Christian Rood of LeydenJar Technologies - Developing a 100% Silicon anode that boosts the energy density of Li-ion batteries for use in consumer electronics, automotive and specialty applications.

  • Simon Bushell of Sympower - Balancing the grid by temporarily adjusting the power of machines and processes through its advanced and automated demand response capabilities.

  • Erik Jan vd Worp of 2Solar Software - Making doing business in the solar panel market easy.

  • Ruud Nijs of GIGA Storage - Creating large-scale sustainable energy storage.

Energy Production

  • Cees Mager of Triple Solar - Inventor of the PVT heat pump and associated PVT heat pump panels.

  • Dirk Kronemeijer of GoodFuels - Creator of a one-stop shop for marine industry customers, integrating the entire supply chain for sustainable marine biofuels.

  • Aart van den Beukel of Safisana - Reusing waste as a resource to produce biogas and organic fertiliser.

  • Kevin Verpaalen of Kameleon Solar - Manufacturer and designer of coloured, custom-made solar panels for façades, BIPV, and other applications.

  • Mark Verhagen of RIFT - Developing Iron Fuel Technology™ to reduce the carbon impact of energy-intensive industries.

  • Max Aerts of DENS - Developing and building machines which store and regenerate renewable energy regardless of time and place.

  • Alexander Suma of IBIS Power - Combining solar and wind energy technologies to make highly efficient, integrated and architecturally beautiful renewable energy solutions.

  • Guido de Jong of Big Ass Battery - Creator of mobile clean energy storage solutions that combine high power with a small footprint.

  • Karl McGoldrick of LionVolt - On a mission to develop and scale 3D solid-state batteries that deliver high performance, fast charging, intrinsic safety, and are sustainable.

  • Pim Lucassen of TouchWind - Its low-cost floating wind turbine has a one piece rotor, meaning lower costs and more energy.

  • Jan Vesseur of Solarge - Manufacturer of low carbon, circular and lightweight solar panels.

  • Wim van de Wall of ZigZagSolar - Producing high yield, vertically integrated solar walls for new builds and renovation projects.


  • Rob ten Hoove of Manufy - The first Europe-only sustainable sourcing marketplace creating a more sustainable and transparent fashion industry.

  • Anastasia Kuskova of Sirius - Helping small brands and factories to build a truly sustainable fashion industry.


  • Adnan Oner of Farmless - Turning renewable energy into food through fermentation, using e-methanol, green ammonia and minerals as feedstocks to create a single-cell protein for human consumption.

  • Daan Luining of Meatable - Delivering cultivated meat that looks like, tastes like, and has the nutritional profile of conventional meat – at scale.

  • Maarten Bosch of Mosa Meat - Creator of the world’s first cultivated meat burger, now scaling processes ahead of commercialisation.

  • Corjan van den Berg of revyve - Producing simple, sustainable ingredients from circularly sourced microbial biomass like brewers yeast.

  • Cristina Prat of FUL Foods - Using microalgae to create sustainable, nourishing and delicious food products.

  • Birgit Dekkers of Rival Foods - Developing plant-based whole-cuts that deliver “unprecedented” texture, taste and juiciness.

  • Kianti Figler of Upstream Foods - Using cell-culture methods to make the fats that provide the complex flavours, oily mouthfeel, and health benefits that people love about traditional seafood.

  • Thijs Wullems of Monkeys By The Sea - Building a global plant-based seafood brand, with products including plant-based tuna and plant-based crispy cod bites.

  • Tessa Rijn of SnackFuture - Creating healthy and tasty snacking alternatives.

Food Waste

  • Marco Snikkers of OneThird - Its AI platform reviews data from optical sensors attached to a smartphone, which ‘look’ inside fruit and vegetables and analyse their content, to accurately predict days until spoilage in real time.

  • Ahmer Ashraf of SavFood - Fighting food waste by developing new and innovative products from excess produce, potential waste and residual flows from the food processing industry.

  • Olaf van der Veen of Orbisk - Helping professional kitchens to get a grip on their food waste with its fully automated food waste monitor.


  • Axel Dekker of Packaly - A last mile delivery platform that combines businesses and their customers with a on-demand delivery service.

  • Karel Hoeben of City Hub - Providing smart urban storage for green city logistics.


  • David De Jong of VonWood - Its platform provides insight into the origin, quality and sustainability of wood for the timber industry.

  • Bob Hendrikx of Loop Biotech - Creator of a living mycelium-based coffin that enables people to enrich the soil and allow new seedlings to thrive.

  • Marissa de Boer of SusPhos - Upcycling phosphate-rich waste streams to generate high-quality alternatives to current fossil-sourced flame retardants and fertilisers.

  • Lars Langhout of NoPalm Ingredients - "Brewing" tailor-made fermented oils and fats to create high quality, sustainable, local and circular alternatives to palm oil in food, cosmetics and detergent products.

  • Bart van der Woerd of Basilisk Self-Healing Concrete - Developing bio-based products that make concrete more sustainable, durable and waterproof.

  • Tonnis Hooghoudt of Ioniqa Technologies - Transforming all types and colors of PET waste into valuable resources for ‘virgin-quality’ new PET.


  • Tommaso Troiani of Byewaste - A consumer app that offers upcycling and recycling of unwanted goods.


  • Remco Samuels of EVBox - Manufacturing and distributing electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software.

  • Jan-Willem Heinen of Maeve Aerospace - Building the world's first all-electric, zero-emission regional commuter aircraft.

  • Gideon van Dijk of Chargetrip - The world’s leading range prediction and EV routing engine for private drivers and commercial fleets.

  • Alex Pap of XYZ Dynamics - Developing electric powertrains and powertrain components that serve as retrofit packages.

  • Edward Bongers of GoodMoovs - Making sharing electric vehicles easy, reliable and accessible from your smartphone.

  • Josef Mouris of ELECTRON aerospace - Building aircraft that fly without emissions.

If you’re building or investing in Climate Tech, come join us and 800+ others this May 11-12th in Lausanne, Switzerland at the HackSummit.

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