🌍 50+ Sub Saharan African ClimateTech Startups to Watch

Across agrifood, biodiversity, carbon, climate management, energy, materials, transport

Africa contributes less than 4% of the world's total emissions. 

Yet finds itself bearing the weight of the world's warming, with 15 of the 20 countries most vulnerable to climate change found in Africa.

So there’s an urgent need to mitigate the consequences of climate change and at the same time, adapt to the new reality. 

‘By leapfrogging outdated technologies (centralised dirty grids, ICE vehicles, inefficient buildings) and tapping into the continent's abundance of renewable energy and arable land, Climate startups can position Africa for future generations as the largest (size and population) yet most sustainable and lowest carbon emitting continent,’ says Abby Stern of Holocene

That’s why we’re putting the spotlight on 50+ ClimateTech founders across the continent who are scaling solutions to tackle decarbonisation, reduce emissions and accelerate a resilient future.

‘We're just scratching the surface of Africa's ClimateTech potential. African countries have the talent, the natural assets, and the geology to become hubs for ClimateTech solutions - the only thing that's missing is (orders of magnitude more) investment,’ adds Ash Berman of Climate Action Platform for Africa (CAP-A) and Kinjani

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50+ startups across 7 climate verticals to watch:


  • Nthabiseng Mosia of Easy Solar - access to solar solutions empowered by pay-as-you-go technology, Sierra Leone

  • Niels Luchters of Hyena - electrical power generation using hydrogen fuel cells, South Africa

  • Yann Kasay of JIROGASY - designing and manufacturing solar home and communication systems, Madagascar

  • Onyekachi Nwafor of KatexPower - renewable energy for off-grid and underserved communities, Nigeria

  • Desire Masunda of NeedEnergy - enabling clean energy access through AI, Zimbabwe

  • Jon Kornik of Plentify - making affordable, reliable and clean electricity, South Africa

  • Samir Ibrahim of SunCulture - off-grid solar tech for lighting and mobile charging, Kenya

  • Rotimi Thomas of SunFi - simplified and affordable solar energy access, Nigeria

  • Olaolu Williams of Wyre - cheaper, cleaner, more accessible energy, Nigeria


  • Ogwal Joseph of Agro Supply - building the resilience of smallholder farmers, Uganda

  • Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu of ColdHub - solar powered walk-in cold rooms to store and preserve fruits, vegetables and perishables

  • Jean Louwrens and Leah Bessa of De Novo Dairy - precision fermentation for animal-free dairy, South Africa

  • Brett Thompson and Tasneem Karodia of Newform Foods - developing cultivated animal products, South Africa

  • Talash Huijbers of InsectiPro - upcycling organic waste using insects for protein, oil and fertiliser, Kenya

  • Ikenna Nzewi of Releaf - ingredient supply chain technology, Nigeria

  • Dysmus Kisilu of Solar Freeze - reducing post harvest losses through solar powered cold rooms, Kenya

  • Taita Ngetich of Synnefa - climate-smart technologies for farmers in Africa, Kenya

  • Bola Adeyanju of Veggie Victory - veganised Nigerian culinary delicacies, Nigeria


  • Josh Whale of Ampersand - integrated electric motorcycle and transport energy solution, Kenya

  • Jit Bhattacharya and Jonathan Green of BasiGo - revolutionising the public transportation sector by e-mobility, Kenya

  • Ndia Magadagela of Everlectric - commercialising electric vehicles with charging infrastructure and sustainably sourced electricity, South Africa

  • Adetayo Bamiduro of Max - a leading vehicle subscription platform, an asset-light 100% off balance sheet fleet operator, Nigeria 

  • Mikael Gånge of Roam - all-electric conversion kits for fleet vehicles, Kenya

  • George Kwadwo Appiah of SolarTaxi - electrifying urban transport with renewable energy, Ghana

  • Jules Samain of Spiro - Africa’s largest electric vehicle company, Benin

  • Jesse Forrester of Mazi Mobility - electric vehicles and batteries-as-a-service, Kenya

  • Michael Maas of Zimi - electric fleet charging solutions, South Africa


  • Lorna Rutto and Charles Kalama of EcoPost - upcycling plastic into lumber for fencing and landscaping, Kenya

  • Brenya Isaac of Ecovon - newly engineered wood from coconut husk and sugar cane bagasse, Ghana

  • Craig Webber of Elematic - manufacturing pre-stressed hollow core concrete slabs, South Africa

  • Dennis Ssekimpi of HYA Bioplastics - biodegradable packaging from plants, Uganda

  • Kidus Asfaw of Kubik - turning plastic waste into low-carbon buildings, Ethiopia

  • Fela Buyi Akinse and Yewande Akinse of SALUBATA - creating modular shoes from plastic bottles, Nigeria

  • Jasper Eales of Sealand Gear - upcycled, recycled and ecocycled materials for accessories and apparel, South Africa


  • Ines Serra of Biosorra - transforming crop waste into biochar to sequester CO2, Kenya

  • Mark Jones of Curbon - carbon offsetting ecommerce plugins, South Africa

  • Corey Pattison of Cella - permanent carbon removal through mineralisation, Kenya

  • Ariana Day Yuen of Forested - carbon insetting platform, Ethiopia

  • Martin Freimüller of Octavia Carbon - direct air capture company, Kenya

  • Samuel Rigu of Safi Organics - turning discarded rice husks into carbon-rich biochar fertiliser, Kenya


  • Anthony Mills of C4 EcoSolutions - conserving biodiversity while maintaining the productivity of agricultural landscapes, South Africa 

  • Patita Nkamunu of EarthAcre - mitigating climate change and biodiversity collapse with community knowledge and technology, Kenya

  • Tevis Howard of Komaza - sustainable forestry to revolutionise the wood industry in Africa with a farmer platform, Kenya

  • Mouhamadou Lamine KEBE of Tolbi - AI and data for nature, Senegal

  • Harry Malichi of Wuchi Wami - training farmers in sustainable beekeeping, Zambia

Climate Management

  • James Paterson of Aerobotics - precision growing and crop insurance for perennial farming, South Africa

  • Jean Pierre Du Plessis of African Data Technologies - data and tech to drive environmental impact at scale, South Africa

  • Kate Kallot of Amini - building Africa’s data infrastructure for nature, Kenya

  • Simon Schwall of OKO Crop Assurance - index insurance for smallholder farmers, Mali

  • Matthew Egessa of Vua Solutions - financial services to underserved small scale fishers, Kenya 

This list highlights the breadth and depth of African ClimateTech, but it is also just the tip of the iceberg as more talent emerges across the continent. 

For over 500 ClimateTech startups in Africa, head this way.

And as Martin Freimüller of Octavia Carbon, summarises for us: 

‘The climate transition is the biggest hardware switch since the industrial revolution. 

We need to develop and build new climate tech at a mind-boggling scale and pace, and at a cost to outcompete fossil fuels. 

That needs countless brains and hands. Africa is a young region of disruptive talent – we will meet this momentous challenge.’

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