50 Climate Founders in Vaud, Switzerland to Watch

Meet the Founders of Startups working in WaterTech, NatureTech, Transport, Robotics, AgriFoodTech, New Materials

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The canton of Vaud is an emerging leader in Swiss innovation and is quickly building its global reputation. The region is a vibrant hub driving Climate innovation.

Thanks in part to its world-renowned university, EPFL that is spinning out future-proof solutions in the capital, Lausanne.

Lausanne is also home to the HackSummit, where hundreds of breakthrough founders and impact investors will be heading this June 13-14 to find new talent and collaborations.

Before they do, let’s meet the local talents…

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🥙 Olga Dubey at AgroSustain - developing plant-derived antifungal compounds against a broad range of fungal pathogens present in pre- (in the field) and post-harvest (in storage). 

🌾 Carrol Plummer at Vivent Biosignals - helping growers to increase yield by diagnosing crop diseases before visual symptoms appear.

💦 Dominique Megret at Ecorobotix - reducing chemical use, water use, energy use and soil impact while increasing crop yield.

🪴 Henri de Lalande at Infrascreen - using nano-technologies to design the next generation of greenhouse screens.

Cooling and Heating

❄️ Remco van Erp, Sam Harrison, Elison Matioli at Corintis - enabling the next generation of sustainable computing through disruptive cooling, to solve global challenges.

🔥 Alberto Mian at ExerGo - powering the compact, efficient and sustainable thermal network solution for heating and cooling energy services.

Emissions Reductions

💨 Juan Mario Michan at Daphne Technology - measuring, reducing and monetising GHG emissions from industrial sources by developing and scaling innovative technology. 

🌬️ Karl Khalil at Divea - capturing CO2 from industrial emissions using graphene membranes.

🏭 Masoud Talebi Amiri at Qaptis - plug-in technology to capture up CO₂ and store it in liquid form directly onboard and recycle it in to fuel, plastics, building materials, CO₂ sequestration).


⚡️ Margaux Peltier, Alessandro F. Rotta Loria, Lyesse Laloui at Enerdrape - operating a novel prefabricated geothermal panel technology making it possible to capture renewable thermal energy from underground areas such as car parks or tunnels.

☀️ Govinda Upadhyay at SmartHelio - cutting-edge algorithms to enhance the sustainability and profitability of solar assets through fault prediction and prescription through predictive maintenance techniques.

🔥 Saurabh Tembhurne at SoHHyte -  providing a renewable system for onsite production of solar fuel (Hydrogen, oxygen) and power (electricity, heat) which is cleaner, greener, and cost-effective. 

🌨️ Ion Padilla at Wegaw - helping companies optimise assets by better monitoring and forecasting water and snow resources through the power of geospatial fusion.

🍅 Laurent Coulot at Insolight - efficiently combining solar electricity production and agriculture, without trade-offs for agrivoltaic solutions.

💚 Aris Maroonian at Neology Hydrogen - enabling clean and affordable hydrogen through decentralized ammonia cracking.

🧪 Noris Gallandat, Claudio Ruch, and Andreas Züttel at GRZ Technologies - enabling a sustainable energy future through hydrogen-based power-to-power systems and thermochemical hydrogen compressors.

🏠 Laurent Fabre and Fabrizio Lo Conte at eSMART Technologies - develops intelligent systems for building automation.

☀️ Deborah Learoyd at Freesuns - integrating solar roof tiles for residential, commercial and heritage buildings.

🔋 Nea Youmby at Neolec Smart Energy - developing a proprietary software based on Artificial Intelligence, dedicated to the renewable energy sector.

🌞 Dominik Blaser at Voltiris - using colour-optimised solar modules to combine crop growth and energy production.

🛤️ Joseph Scuderi at Sun-Ways - installing removable solar power plants between railway tracks.


🧪 Frederique Delahaye at Alver World - Providing nutritious and tasty food products with minimal ecological impact based on the Alver chlorella microalgae with neutral taste, colour and smell. 

🥗 Anastasia Hofmann, Naomi MacKenzie at KITRO - supporting the food service and hospitality industry with their food waste management with plug and play convenience.

🍄 Richard Splivallo at Nectariss - enabling the next generation of food with new natural flavours with fungi via fermentation.


Felix Bobbink at Plastogaz - developing a hydrocracking technology for the transformation of hard to recycle plastic waste into circular feedstock for the chemical industry.

🫗 Guillaume Perben at Composite Recycling - developing a unique process to recycle glass fibre reinforced plastics (GFRP) into glass fibres and pyrolysis oil for new composites. 

🚚 Naïk Londono at AELER - advancing next-generation smart containers through advanced materials and cutting-edge technology.

⭕️ Raymond Moinat and Blaise Henry at Plateforme La Plaine - a re-recycling platform to produce construction materials while preserving nature.

🧱 Amael Cohades at CompPair Technologies - enabling embedded ultra-fast repair for composite materials.

⏱️ Raphaël Broye at Panatere - specialising in the transformation of raw materials and a major player in the watch industry using 100% recycled and recyclable stainless steel.


🌳 Frederic Fournier, Michael Kelly, Aureline Grange at Open Forest Protocol - offering a complete digital overhaul for the verification and issuance of carbon credits with a focus on nature based solutions.


🤖 Bruno Cheval at CleanGreens Solutions - soilless farming system using a mobile irrigation robot that reduces the use of water by 96% while increasing crop yield up to 30 times compared to in-field agriculture.

🪐 Luc Piguet at ClearSpace - in-orbit services to enable a vibrant, resilient and sustainable space industry.

🌊 Igor Martin at Hydromea - delivering solutions that allow customers to have unparalleled access to the subsea data with ultra-fast and high-volume real-time data transfer and harvesting.


🏎️ Jean-Francois Weber at GreenGT - pioneering mobility and energy systems with hydrogen technologies.

🛥️ Luc Blecha at ZESST by Almatech - zero emission, disruptive innovation for maritime passenger transport.


🚰 Mike Hecker at BE WTR - the first water brand based on your tap water, helping luxury hospitality and high gastronomy move away from single use plastics and serve a premium, better tasting and sustainable water. 

💦 Ramzi Bouzerda at Droople - building a water intelligence platform to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices, promote the integration of water conservation systems, and educate the value of this essential resource with IoT and AI. 

🥤 Serge Gander at bNovate Technologies - pioneering rapid and automated online bacteria monitoring in drinking water

💧Frederic Juillard at TreaTech - converting industrial and municipal waste into methane-rich renewable gas, clean water and fertilisers.

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