50+ APAC Climate Investors to Know

Meet the VCs and Funds backing Startups in Asia Pacific and beyond

Home to 60% of the world's population, APAC has unparalleled diversity, innovation, and opportunity.

But as the impact of climate change takes hold, the UNDP describes the crisis as an ‘existential threat’ to Asia Pacific.

With funding and the support of local investors, bright Founders can test, launch and scale technologies to move the needle on Climate Change.

ClimateHack has put together a list of 50+ APAC investors so you can get to know the leaders in APAC climate investing.

Before we do, we spoke to a few of the investors to hear about the opportunities in APAC:

Koshu Kunii @ Lifetime Ventures told us: "APAC is seeing a nascent, yet rapidly growing ClimateTech landscape, where talented individuals are starting to migrate on a mass scale from conventional industries and tech towards combatting climate crisis. With developing and emerging Asia estimated to need over $ 1 trillion for climate mitigation and adaptation, we will likely see a strong, top-down shift towards renewable, EV/hybrid mobility and decarbonisation across different industries."

Michal Klar @ Better Bite Ventures explained “Most of the global greenhouse gas emissions today are coming from APAC. Decarbonisation is urgently needed across all sectors and industries, from energy to manufacturing. We are focused on opportunities to decarbonise food and agriculture in Asia. We see interesting startups across the region working on climate-friendly solutions to meat and dairy production, rice cultivation, palm oil, fertiliser and food waste.”

Li Tan @ Audacy Ventures shared: "The APAC boasts a dynamic ClimateTech ecosystem with an abundance of promising investment prospects. However, it lags behind Europe and North America in terms of both policy incentives and end-user adoption. Nonetheless, we anticipate that the APAC will narrow this gap as global trade, particularly with Europe, compels conglomerates in the APAC to adhere to more stringent emission standards."

Phil Morle @ Main Sequence Ventures added “We believe that companies with a climate solution at their core will be the startup giants of the next decade. Huge corporations and governments need to change how they work to operate in a world that will demand sustainable operations - and this is accelerating rapidly as we head towards to the commitments that have been made for 2030. At Main Sequence we are especially interested in sustainable methods of production and supply chains that will need to be developed for mining and heavy industry. Within this, we have thesis that when nature builds something, it does it sustainably and because if this we are inspired by the idea of building things with biology instead of fossil fuels and animals.”

Shantanu Chaturvedi @ Transition VC told us about the energy transition happening in APAC "The silent revolution that is powering climate positive technologies - Wide Band Gap devices. This is a fundamental shift in technology that is taking place in power semiconductors, the move from Silicon based devices to Gallium Nitride or Silicon Carbide based devices. As we all know, power semiconductors are the heart of any power conversion devices which are present in Renewables, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles, etc. and every other sector like Telecom, Healthcare, etc.. This is the part of the technology revolution which can disrupt costs, sizes and efficiencies which needs to be given more attention."

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🇦🇺 Grant Dooley, Breakthrough Victoria. An independent investment company managing the $2 billion Breakthrough Victoria Fund to make Victoria state a global innovation leader. Portfolio incl. Amber Electric, Kite Magnetics, Jupiter Ionics.

🇦🇺 Rachel Yang, Giant Leap. Backing "mission-driven founders solving across three themes: health and wellbeing, sustainable living and empowering people". Portfolio inc. Change Foods, Full Cycle, Great Wrap.

🇦🇺 Lucinda Hankin, Grok Ventures. Backing world-class teams solving big problems to shape a better future by investing in fast growing technology-enabled businesses. and participating in early to late stage funding rounds. Portfolio inc.Rhizocore, Loam Bio, Lydian, Sun Cable.

🇦🇺 Rod Bristow, Charlie I., Khairu Rejal, Ben Lindsay Sarah Moore Khairu Rejal Marie Garcia, Investible. Climate tech fund with 12 new investments in 2023 + follow-ons. A 2-year old climate fund with a portfolio of 23 companies with another few on the way. Portfolio inc. Data Farming, Eden Farm.

🇦🇺 Ben Krasnostein and Irina McCreadie, Kilara Capital. A fund manager dedicated to providing investment opportunities that provide a commercial return together with carbon drawdown and emission reduction outcomes. 

🇦🇺 Phil Morle, Main Sequence Ventures. Investing in "deep tech founders who are building unimaginable new companies with a strong connection to research". Portfolio inc. Eden Brew, Samsara Eco, regrow.

🇦🇺 Timothy Hui, Mandalay Venture Partners. A private equity inspired venture fund investing in, building and managing Australian farm to fork innovation, helping create and deliver food security and sustainability globally.

🇦🇺 Dan Fitzgerald, ReGen Ventures. Global early-stage venture capital fund that "partners with founders courageous enough to reimagine the world from the atom up". Portfolio inc. Meati, Pachama, Arkeon.

🇦🇺 Sarah Nolet, Tenacious Ventures. "We partner with agtech operators creating impact at scale at the intersection of digitally native agriculture and climate solutions". Portfolio inc. Regrow Ag, Vow, Cecil.

🇦🇺 Jonathan Green, Twynam. The Twynam Earth Fund exists to invest in and grow businesses with teams that are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, smart enough to work out how and gutsy enough to do it, while striving to generate leading returns. Portfolio inc. Monarch, Twelve, Ocean Rainforest.

🇦🇺 Kristin Vaughan, Virescent Ventures. A specialist climate tech transition fund, backing founders and technology at the heart of the global transition to net zero. Portfolio incl. Carbon revolution, GridCog, Redblock Technology.

🇦🇺 Tim Bishop, Wollemi Capital. A global climate specialist investment firm, investing in the businesses and projects vital to making the net-zero future a reality. 

Hong Kong

🇭🇰 Toby Chan Li Tan, Audacy Ventures. Focused on Seed to Series B ClimateTech investments so far focused on alternative fuels (hydrogen, SAF), energy storage, and carbon capture technologies, but are actively deploying in other related verticals. Portfolio inc. Cool Planet Technologies, Moment Energy, Jet Zero Australia, Hyzon Motors.

🇭🇰 Janina Motter, Brinc. A venture accelerator firm that empowers game changers to help solve some of the world's biggest challenges.

🇭🇰 Mimi Lau, Claudine Ying, CGV Ventures. Investing in the future of food security spanning fermented oil, AI weeding technology, and more. Portfolio inc. Zero Acre Farms, Farmwise.

🇭🇰 Frances Kang, Horizons Ventures. "The private investment arm of Mr. Li Ka-shing, is a leading investor in some of the world’s most innovative companies and disruptive technologies". Portfolio inc. Nourish Ingredients, NotPla, ZeroAvia, Miotech

🇭🇰 Nicole Lee, The Mills Fabrica.  Investing in early-stage startups and venture funds disrupting the future of food and textiles. Portfolio inc. unspun, Evrnu.

🇭🇰 Alexander Bent, Undivided Ventures. Funding businesses which seek to solve sustainability challenges in the built environment. Portfolio incl. Audette, Negawatt, Clean Robotics.

🇭🇰 Alan Chan, Vectr Ventures. Investing in "teams ready to tackle global issues, transform industries and improve the lives of millions". Portfolio inc. BeeFlow, Plantible Foods, Provectus Algae.


🇮🇳 Shravan Shankar, Climake. Offering tailored non-dilutive funding for climate tech assets, and work with venture partners to offer equity capital to climate tech startups. 

🇮🇳 Nalin Agarwal, Climate Collective. Climate Seeds is a venture capital fund that takes a slate-based approach to investing in early-stage climatetech startups in India and South Asia at the seed and pre-Series A stage.

🇮🇳 Mark Kahn, Omnivore. Impact VC based out of India funding entrepreneurs "building the future of agriculture and food systems". Portfolio inc. BioPrime, Ecozen, Varaha.

🇮🇳 Vishnu Rajeev, Speciale Invest. The largest community of ClimateTech founders and investors in India. Also, one of the earliest climate investors in the country.

🇮🇳 Shantanu Chaturvedi, Transition VC. Funding early-stage startups in New Energy, E-Mobility, Green Hydrogen, Net Zero Energy Building, and ClimateTech. Portfolio incl. Billion Energy, Exponent.


🇯🇵 Anri Samata, Anri VC. A VC firm that invests in companies operating in business products, business services, energy, blockchain, life sciences, software-as-a-service, technology, media, robotics and technology-based sectors.

🇯🇵 Arima Akito and Tsuyoshi Ito, Beyond Next Ventures. Investors creating the beyond next society; enabling exceptional people solving global challenges. Portfolio incl. Fermelanta, Tober, Umami United.

🇯🇵 Koshu Kunii, Lifetime Ventures. Talent-driven pre-seed VC backing exceptional startups for lifetime innovation in Japan. Portfolio incl. Atierra, Blusink, EF Polymer.

🇯🇵 Johanna Wiese, Mistletoe. Venture capital firm investing in technology companies by performing startup investment, research & development (R&D), joint ventures to ecosystem development. Portfolio incl. Astroscale, Novoloop.

🇯🇵 Mamoru Taniya, Bradley Busetto, SDG-J. Blending profit with impact though sustainable investment in Japan and around the world. Portfolio incl. Zincovery, Nilo, Mint Innovation.

New Zealand

🇳🇿 Derek Handley, Aera VC. Early growth fund investing globally since 2016 in founders with deep technology across Climate and/or Frontier verticals. Portfolio inc. Aqua Cultured Foods, Carbon Chain, Noya.

🇳🇿 Michal Klar, Better Bite Ventures. Investing in climate-friendy food and agri tech startups in Asia Pacific. Founder & Editor-In-Chief, Future Food Now. Portfolio incl. CellX, Phyx44, Prefer.

🇳🇿 Lachlan Nixon, Motion Capital. Investing in kiwi technology companies that help the world decarbonise.


🇸🇬 Shao Ming Tan, Zuo Yi Yeo, ABC Impact. Private equity firm dedicated to impact investing for the purpose of generating positive, measurable social or environmental impact, alongside a compelling risk-adjusted return. Portfolio inc. ICEOTOPE, Cropin, Innovafeed.

🇸🇬 John Friedman, AgFunder / GROW impact. Asia Director of AgFunder and GROW Accelerator, on a mission to advance innovation and sustainability across the food system. Portfolio inc. Eion, Modern Synthesis, Kula Bio.

🇸🇬 Rob Kaplan, Circulate Capital.  An impact-focused investment management firm dedicated to financing companies, projects, and infrastructure that prevent ocean plastic. Portfolio incl. Lucro, Nepra, Arzeda.

🇸🇬 Alexandra Morrow, Clay Capital. ‘’Pioneers’’ in deploying venture capital into high impact agrifood tech since 2014, backing ambitious teams that are reconnecting and strengthening the link between human health and the health of the planet through innovative technology. Portfolio inc. Ynsect, Mitte, Infinite Roots, Toopi Organics.

🇸🇬 Avina Sugiarto, East Ventures. Investing in seed to growth-stage technology companies across the region to build impactful companies that will become regional leaders and sector champions. Portfolio incl. Aria, Gokodo, Yummy Corp.

🇸🇬 Anandhi Gokhale, Julien Dillon, Emerald Technology Ventures. Investing in innovative startups that enable the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Portfolio inc.  TARANIS, Indra.

🇸🇬 Caroline Guyot, ENGIE Factory Asia-Pacific. The venture arm of ENGIE Group in Asia-Pacific (APAC) to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon society. 

🇸🇬 Steve Melhuish, Planet Rise / Wavemaker Impact. Tech entrepreneur, investor and board advisor. Founder of 4 companies used by 40+ million consumer including Property Guru. Now building Planet Rise and Wavemaker Impact, investing and building climate-tech solutions. Portfolio inc. Ampd, Turtle Tree, Capture.

🇸🇬 Patti Chu, Silverstrand Capital & Mana Impact. Mana Impact Partners is an impact investment and advisory firm focused on catalyzing a more circular and regenerative economic system. Areas of work interest include Food & Agriculture, Ocean Health and Nature Based Solutions. Portfolio incl. Katapult Ocean, Nazava

🇸🇬 Anuj Maheswari, Temasek. As a Managing Director and Head of Agri-Food at Temasek, Anuj leads the global investment activities in this space, with a focus on environmental sustainability and societal impact.

🇸🇬 Djoann Fal, The Atlas Capital. A climate tech investment fund focusing funding on vital sustainability tech innovations for our planet and cities by decarbonizing the built environment. Portfolio incl. Posh Robotics, Zauben, Posh Robotics.

🇸🇬 Veronica Yow, The Meloy Fund. The Meloy Fund for Sustainable Community Fisheries is a pioneer impact investment fund that incentivizes the development and adoption of sustainable fisheries by making debt and equity investments in fishing-related enterprises that support the recovery of coastal fisheries in Indonesia and the Philippines. Portfolio inc. Jala, Koltiva, Agromar.

🇸🇬 Melvyn Yeo, TRIREC. Cleantech investment holding company focusing on global opportunities in the areas of renewable energy, clean technology and sustainability. Portfolio inc. Solar Home, Hungry Planet, Air Carbon Exchange.

South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam

🇨🇳 Matilda Ho, Bits x Bites. China's first sustainable agrifood tech VC now investing out of a US$100M fund. 20+ investments into protein alternatives, crop health, and human nutrition. Portfolio inc. Future Meat Technologies, InnovoPro, Changing Biotech.

🇰🇷 June Cha, Envisioning Partners. An impact investing venture capital firm based in South Korea. Portfolio inc. RECO, Circ, Green Li-ion.

🇹🇭 Alina Truhina, The Radical fund. Early-stage VC fund dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia who are "rapidly scaling solutions that contribute to a more climate resilient future".

🇻🇳 Luke Nguyen, Earth Venture Capital. A global venture firm investing in climate-tech solutions, with a focus on the Southeast Asia region. The firm invests in Seed to Series A startups in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, the Internet of Things, New Materials, and New Energy. Portfolio inc. TomTex, Beex Kuva Space.

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