30+ ClimateTech Changemakers to Know in Istanbul

As the need for ClimateTech continues to rise.

So too does the number of local communities around the world who are coming together to tackle the climate crisis.

Ahead of the inaugural ClimateHack Meetup in Istanbul, we asked our network who were the leading figures in the city to know.

P.S. Want to meet a room full of Climate founders and funders from across Istanbul? Sign up and join us on Saturday 20th January. Always free to attend.

Let’s meet them.


💨 Selen Şenal at Algbio Inc. Treating wastes and capturing CO2 to produce biofuels and bioplastics.

🫒 Duygu Yılmaz at Biolive. Produces bioplastic raw materials in scale-up and next-gen materials.

🛞 Selinay Parlak at Bluedot. building the connected financial products to accelerate EV adoption.

💦 Hülya Tomak at Blueit. Monitoring and optimising water consumption through a water management platform.

🥑 Sena Tarım Yalçınkaya at Biopols. Creating all natural, antibacterial, and antioxidant food coating and packaging to extend shelf life of products and replace plastic packaging.

💨 Onur Eren at Covalent. A forward-crediting platform for permanent carbon removal.

🌾 Tanzer Bilgen at Doktar Technologies. Providing agronomic advice, operational optimisation and market insight to agricultural stakeholders.

🌍 Mert Karslioglu at ecording. Developing sustainable, innovative and technological solutions against the global climate crisis.

📲 BARIS B. at Erguvan. Digital infrastructure for corporate climate action.

💦 Fatma Aktaş at esular. Developing an AI smart irrigation and water management system.

🔂 Umutcan Duman at Evreka. Working to achieve far-reaching transformation in resource & waste management, recycling and material circularity.

❄️ Selin Arslan at Farmhood. Creating innovative food products by using freeze-drying technology.

🗑️ Olcay Silahlı, at Fazla. Tech-based waste management solutions, to prevent waste at the source

🧱 Ece Gozen, at GOZEN. Advanced biomaterials to unlock earth-centric design

☀️ Mustafa Kemal ISEN, KFOBIX. Developing a nano-composite material to tackle icing and contamination of solar panels, wind turbines and car glass.

🌿 Aygen SAVAŞ ALKAN at Kybele's Garden. Leveraging algae biotechnology for agrifood and cosmetics.

♻️ Onur Güdü at Laska Technology. Upcycling waste for high-value, in demand products.

🌾 Elif ÖZCÜ at Malty Foods. Sustainable ingredients and innovative food products with Malt that are rich in nutritional value, high dietary fiber and non-additive content.

💻 Müge Baltacı at Mol-e. An E-waste management platform.

🌾 Buse Berber Örçen at Nanomik Biotechnology. Producing microencapsulated biopesticides for food and agricultural products.

☁️ Eylul Er at PALGAE. Using carbon capture technologies for next-gen materials.

🍞 Büşra Köksal at Plastic Move. Producing biodegradable plastics from bread waste.

👩‍🌾 Tulin Akin and Coşkun Yıldırım at Tabit Agricultural Information and Communication Technologies. Empowering small family farmers with technology.

☕️ Cavid Bayramlı at Wastespresso. Producing biodegradable products and raw materials from spent coffee grounds.

⚡️ Balca Yılmaz at Werover. Providing predictive maintenance technologies for renewable energy assets via AI, IoT and robotics


💲Can Atacik at Alethina Impact Investments. Building and growing impact driven investments and companies

💸 Şafak Müderrisgil at Etkiyap. Impact investing platform.

🌅 Ahu Buyukkusoglu Serter at Fark Labs. A global innovation hub supporting entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, and investors.

🚀 Ali Şahin at Founder One. A next-generation investment fund that invests in early-stage impact startups.

💰 Utku Gokkaya at Gelecek Etki Fonu. A future impact fund supporting the development of startups and providing high financial returns to its investors.

💶 Gokhan Eyigun at Sabancı Ventures. The VC arm of Sabancı Holding, active in financial services, industrials, energy, building materials, retail and digital services.

💸 Ilkay Demirdag and Serhat Cicekoglu at Sente Ventures. Working with investor partners and corporations to connect startups with innovative, scalable opportunities.

📈 Selma Bahçıvanoğlu at Simya VC. 212’s new accelerator fund to support early-stage B2B tech companies.

🚀 Günce Önür at Startup WIse Guys. An early-stage startup accelerator and investment fund

Ecosystem and Industry Players

🇬🇧 Ahenk Dereli. Inward Investment Senior Advisor at British Consulate General Department for Business and Trade.

✈️ Berat Z. Haznedaroğlu. Industry expert working on sustainable aviation fuel production from algae.

🤝 Derin Altan at Esmiyor. Purpose-driven design agency focusing on sustainability and climate change.

👋 Elif Güngör Reis, FoodTech Expert and Entreprenur

🎓 Eyüphan Koç, Assistant Professor at Bogazici University

🥗 Semi Hakim, Kök Projekt. An agri-food management consulting company and startup accelerator for future food systems.

Got questions about the Meetup? Get in touch with your local Ambassadors: Alper, Zişan and Kutadgu.

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