30+ startups to watch in Latin America, according to VCs

Meet the talented entrepreneurs on the radar of impact investors

Latin America isn't just a region of remarkable biodiversity and cultural richness; it's also emerging as a hotspot for green investments in ClimateTech.

Renewable resources and diverse ecosystems offer unique opportunities for innovation and sustainable solutions to thrive.

Latin America is a growing region for VC, but Climate VC in the region is in its infancy, holding a lot of promise for impact and returns.

We spoke to 12 regional investors to hear which startups they’re excited by.

The shortlist includes startups scaling:

🔥 Wildfire detection
🍗 Sustainable protein
👖Textile tracing and sorting
☀️ End-to-end solar solutions
🛞 Transport decarbonisation
🗑️ Waste management efficiencies
🌴 Rainforest and ecosystem restoration

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Matias Peire @ GRIDX

🇦🇷 Caligenia*
CEO and Co-Founder: Nicholas Barbarosch
Turning organic waste into bacterchar, an innovative product that combines biochar and microorganisms.

🇦🇷 Einsted*
CEO: Atilio Grimani
Transforming methane into hydrogen and graphite using electric pulses.

🇨🇱 Enerlink
CEO and Founder: Sebastian Luque
Pioneering technology-based solutions for organisations that want to save, take control and be efficient with their energy.

🇨🇴 Muta
CEO and Founder: Alejandro Caiaffa
Accelerating digital solutions for waste management.

🇨🇱 Done Properly
Co-Founders: Eduardo Zavala Pulgar and Javier Ignacio Olave Ruiz
Using fermentation technologies to make alternative meats and sustainable food additives.

🇲🇽 Ruedata
Co-Founders: Sebastian Baquero and Jorge Quinche Serrano
Saving time, money and C02 emissions through proprietary software by helping transportation companies understand the right moment for a vehicle to change its tires. 

🇨🇱🇺🇸 Sortile 
Co-Founders: Constanza Gomez and Agustina Mir
Using software and hardware to help companies trace and sort textile products that would normally end up in a landfill as textile waste, promoting circular fashion. 

🇦🇷 Splight
Co-Founders: Fernando Llaver and Thomas Vadora
Optimising existing energy infrastructure and achieving sustainability goals with AI.

🇨🇴 Unergy 
Founder: Eduardo Ospina
A marketplace for solar energy infrastructure, where buyers are investors, institutional and retail (usually in separate projects), who can purchase fractionalized assets through tokenization as low as $10 USD.

Laura Ortiz Monemayor @ Regenera Ventures

🇲🇽 Chum Chum
Founder: Verónica Macías Díaz
Revalorising food waste and generate corporate and grocery solutions for companies, canteens and clients, without additives or preservatives.

🇲🇽 Desplastificate
Founder: Jose Carlos Ferrer Dagdug
Powering an e-commerce business of biodegradable cleaning products, in glass bottles, with home delivery and home refill service.

🇲🇽 Húmica 
CEO and Founder: Ramón Bacre
Transforming food production systems into tools that regenerate the planet.

🇲🇽 Tierra de Monte 
CEO and Co-Founder: Adriana Luna-Diaz
Developing biotechnological solutions based on beneficial microorganisms that allow farmers to have better livelihoods while restoring the natural wealth of the land.

🇲🇽 Tierra Foods 
CEO: Marcela Flores
Turning CO2 into minerals in the soil, permanently removing atmospheric CO2.

Hayden Simmons @ Rally Cap VC

🇨🇱 Ainwater 
CEO: Camilo Huneeus Guzmán 
Leveraging AI-powered software to help water utilities and distributors to increase energy efficiency at water plants.

🇧🇷 LogShare*
Co-Founders: Pedro Prado and Glauber Alves
While the vast majority of long-haul trucking routes result in empty return trips; LogShare's software is helping the biggest companies in Brazil bring those empty trips to zero.

🇲🇽 Solfium*
CEO and CO-Founder: Andres Friedman
Providing end-to-end solar for huge multinational companies looking to convert their production, supply and distribution chains to solar.

Anna Raptis @ Amplifica Capital

🇲🇽 Kolors*
Co-Founders: Anca Gardea and Rodrigo Martinez
A mass mobility operating system revolutionizing intercity & corporate transport leveraging technology and data, resulting in a reduction of emissions and a better experience for customers.

🇲🇽 microTerra*
CEO and Founder: Marissa Cuevas Flores
Pioneering sustainable food ingredients by harnessing the cleansing power of Lemna. This remarkable aquatic plant has the unique ability to clean water while simultaneously producing valuable functional ingredients.

🇲🇽 Verqor*
Co-Founders: Valentina Rogacheva and Hugo Garduño Ortega
Helping farmers access credit and become more productive i.e. more efficient and higher yielding. In 2022, after using Verqor credit, 74% of farmers experienced a yield increase, 30% average increase in farmer profit and 52% of farmers incorporated regenerative agricultural practices.

Kieran Gartlan @ The Yield Lab LatAm

🇧🇷 Courageous Land
CEO and Co-Founder: Philip Kauders
Agroforestry systems that reverse climate change while creating abundance and health for life on Earth.

🇧🇷 goFlux*
CEO and Founder: Rodrigo Gonçalves
Digitizing the logistics process, managing everything from the contracting of freight from shippers to the payment process to carriers.

🇦🇷 Kilimo*
Co-Founder and CRO: Rodrigo Tissera
Using satellite, climate and on site data, their proprietary Big Data engine to makes the best possible irrigation prescription for each crop, improving yields up to 30% and water use efficiency up to 70%.

🇺🇾 The Climate Box*
CEO: Pedro Mastrangelo
Automated consulting solution to support farmers and land acquirers to predict and mitigate frost damage impacts on high value crops yield production through a microclimate map and preventive actions to mitigate negative impacts.

🇧🇷 UmGraueMeio* 
Founder and CEO: Rogerio Cavalcante
Designing a solution to detect fire outbreaks in forests and plantations in an average time of 3 minutes to automatically detect fire outbreaks in a 15 km radius (the equivalent of 20 thousand hectares).

Juan Pablo Garavaglia @ ARCHECompany

🇦🇷 Nunatak Biotech
CEO and Co-Founder: Julia Mensa
Optimising plant-microorganism for soil restoration, transforming contaminated soils into thriving living soils.

🇨🇱 Photio 
CEO and Co-Founder: Matías Moya Alarcón
Using nanomimetics to replicate processes that occur in nature, such as photosynthesis, in widely used materials, such as: paints, fabrics, plastics, asphalt, concrete and leather. 

🇦🇷 Reforest Latam*
CEO: Damián Rivadeneira
Restoring ecosystems and creating forests to mitigate the impact of climate change. 

🇦🇷 Satellites on Fire
Co-Founders: Ulises L and Joaquin Chamo
Reducing the loss of forest assets through early detection of wildfires using satellite imagery.

Luigi Grimaldi @ Barn Invest

🇧🇷 Circular Brain*
COO and Co-Founder: Marcello Fernandes Fornari
Creating digital solutions in the circular economy, aiming to be the promoting agent of circularity in global consumption cycles.

🇺🇾 Marco*
Co-Founders: Jacob Shoihet, Peter Spradling
Serving small and medium enterprises in Latin America by financing players that have trouble accessing funds given that producers with better financials, invest more in better agricultural practices. 

🇧🇷 Produzindo Certo
Associate Founder and CEO: Aline Maldonado Locks
Transforming agribusiness chains, bringing together producers and companies committed to the correct management of natural resources and respect for society.

🇲🇽 Ruedata
Co-Founders: Sebastian Baquero and Jorge Quinche Serrano
Saving time, money and C02 emissions through proprietary software by helping transportation companies understand the right moment for a vehicle to change its tires. 

Guilherme Penna @ Silence

🇧🇷 Mombak
Co-Founders: Gabriel Haddad Silva, Peter Fernandez 
Working to become the world's largest carbon removal company, starting by reforesting the Amazon.

🇧🇷 Vammo
Co-Founder and CEO: Jack Sarvary
Removing the barriers to the adoption of electric motorcycles in Latin America via a battery swapping ecosystem

🇨🇴 Bia energy
Co-Founders: Sebastián Ruales, Leonardo Velásquez, Guillermo Plaza 
Helpings businesses save energy and manage their electricity bills by providing smart meters that give detailed information about energy use.

🇧🇷 Musa*
CEO and Founder: Martin Junck
Developing an innovative waste management solution using an efficient ecosystem between Waste Generators, Transporters and Recyclers, ensuring 100% reuse by leveraging technology.

Raffael Teruel and Leonardo Sabo @ Mandi Ventures

🇧🇷 GrowinCo*
Co-Founder: Guillermo Medrano, Raphael Traticoski
Reinventing B2B collaboration by helping enterprises within the CPG industry manage idle capacity with the goal of reducing inefficiencies and creating a sustainable ecosystem.

🇧🇷 Tarken*
Co-Founders: Carlos Neto, Luiz Tangari
Providing intelligence for agricultural input companies to better manage their credit portfolio, while increasing credit access for small and medium producers.

🇧🇷 re.green
Founder: Bernardo Strassburg
On a mission to restore one million hectares in the Amazon and Atlantic forests, by fostering biodiversity conservation and capturing 15 million tons of carbon per year.

🇧🇷 Belterra Agroflorestas
Founder: Valmir Ortega
Partnering with small and medium-sized farms in Brazil, providing them with support and incentives to adopt regenerative practices.

For transparency: Investors that have ties with the company are marked with a (*)