100+ German Climate Tech Startups To Know

From Energy and Food, to Materials and Transport

This week took to LinkedIn again to round up the German climate tech CEO’s you really need to know. We knew the German climate tech scene was impressive, but this list is bigger than we could ever have imagined 🇩🇪

A few observations:

  • Berlin is clearly Germany’s climate hotspot, with over half of the listed companies are based out of the country’s capital city.

  • Hard Tech representation is strong, with Energy, Food, Materials and Transport making up the bulk of Germany’s climate scene.

  • There’s plenty of capital to go around, with many of the top European climate funds being headquartered in Germany.

  • There’s deep experience at play, with several of the founders of these companies having previously started or worked at German unicorns.

If there’s someone you think we’ve missed, please add them to the list here.

Before jumping in… what do VC’s like Planet A, FoodLabs, Lowercarbon Capital and Zero Carbon Capital and all have in common?

They’ll all be participating in this years HackSummit on May 11-12th, Europe’s dedicated climate conference for founders and funders.


  • Robert Gerlach & Nina Mannheimer of Klim - Creators of a digital companion for farmers that enables them to transition to regenerative agriculture at scale.

  • David Gebhard of Aquapurna - Designer of a cutting-edge SmartReef System that allows sustainable land based shrimp farming.

  • Marc Weimer-Hablitzel of Hortiya - Building AI for greenhouses to give crops the right level of light, climate and nutrition only when they are ready to use it.

  • Philippe Birker & Ivo Degn of Climate Farmers - Implementing and supporting regenerative agriculture practices.


  • Inas Nureldin of Tomorrow - Creator of the "bank of tomorrow"​, with a positive social and environmental footprint in all of its products and services.

  • Sana Al-Badri of SageWealth - Building the first sustainable & digital private bank for Millennials.

  • Ferdinand Dabitz of Ivy - Offering climate action with every financial transaction, planting trees on behalf of consumers.

Carbon Capture

  • René Haas of NeoCarbon - Developing Direct Air Capture kits that can be retrofitted inside working cooling towers in the European industrial sector.

  • Florian Hildebrand of Greenlyte Carbon Technologies - Operating a low energy DAC approach to capture CO2 while generating hydrogen as a byproduct.

  • Venna Lepel & Caspar Ziegner of Novocarbo - Permanently removing CO2 from the atmosphere to create sustainable products.

  • Florian Tiller of Ucaneo - Creator of a Direct Air Capture technology that leverages a biocatalytic membrane to capture CO2 from the air.

  • Jörg Spitzner of DACMa - Manufacturing machines that capture CO2 from the air and store it for use as a valuable raw material for the production of powerfuels.

Carbon Credits

  • Adrian Wons of Senken - The world’s first gateway to on-chain carbon credits from verified climate projects.

  • Dr. Gesa Biermann of Pina Earth - Enabling forest owners to participate in the voluntary carbon market by digitising the manual certification process, aided by remote sensing and artificial intelligence.

  • Wilhelm Hammes of PLANTED - Planting mixed forests in Germany and offsetting the ecological footprint of its subscribers by purchasing CO2 certificates from selected eco-social projects.

  • Dr. Oliver Krause of FUEL-SWAP - Building the web3 marketplace for Carbon Neutral Fuel.

  • Ruth von Heusinger of ForTomorrow - Offering offsetting solutions such as tree planting in Germany and buying European emissions rights.

  • Robin Klemens of KUMO - A decentralised protocol that enables interest-free loans against natural assets like carbon tokens.

  • Frederick Leuschner of GreenTrade Impact GmBH - Funding of nature-based solutions through on-chain forward contracts to enable a climate-positive future.


  • Sonja Jost of DUDE CHEM - A leader in green chemical manufacturing for pharmaceuticals.

  • Christian Vollmann of C1 Green Chemicals AG - Developing new, climate-friendly chemical production processes by rethinking chemical reactions from the atomic level all the way up to production scale.

Climate Finance

  • Jerome Cochet & David Diallo of goodcarbon - Reinventing the way in which climate tech companies access funding with a platform that connects projects, investors, and businesses.

  • Shilpika Gautam of SALT Climate Tech - a financing platform for high-quality global climate projects.

  • Christian-Hauke Poensgen & Till Tornieporth of Maya Climate - Accelerating investments in Nature-based Solutions to unlock high integrity restoration & conservation projects for environmental markets.

  • Trutz von der Trenck & Dr. Johann Meyer zu Bentrup of green account - Developing business models to support investing large-scale private-sector capital in climate tech.

  • Daniel Vetterkind & Anton Güthe of recarb - Creating a new standard for carbon markets and a new asset class with an inner stored CO2e value.

Climate Strategy

  • Benjamin Vogel of Nayture - A global consulting firm helping small and medium-sized enterprises with their sustainable business transformation.

  • Lukas Vogt of Sunhat - An automation-focused software company founded to rethink sustainability compliance from the ground up.

  • Neil Dsouza of Makersite - Providing AI, data and apps for sustainable product and supply chain decisions at scale.

  • Prof. Dr. Martin R. Stuchtey of The Landbanking Group - A moonshot project to revolutionise the way land is being valued and used by land stewards.

  • Sonja Radovic-Paul of Codio Impact - Automating the ways businesses manage and report Environmental, Social, Governance data, while ensuring they remain fully compliant with the newest regulations and leading standards.

  • Christoph Goeken of House of Change - Helping organisations understand and get ahead of all important sustainability regulation and developments, tailored to their context.

Climate Tracking / Mitigation

  • Eric Oancea of Root Global - Helping companies along the food value chain make business decisions that lead to sustainable carbon reduction and climate-friendlier consumer products.

  • Hessam Lavi & Philipp von Bieberstein of Climatiq - Developing an open dataset of global emission data and the technical infrastructure businesses need to realise meaningful reductions to their climate footprint.

  • Lubomila Jordanova of Plan A - Helping businesses achieve net-zero with a SaaS platform for carbon accounting, decarbonisation and ESG reporting.

  • Yasha Tarani & Lara Obst of The Climate Choice - A B2B data platform which offers businesses access to climate performance data from across their value chain.

  • Till Wiechmann & Gyri Reiersen of Tanso - Leveraging the power of data to enable companies to decarbonise.

  • Dijana Galijasevic of GROW MY TREE powered by Impact Hero - Supporting businesses in preventative environmental action, including planting trees.

  • Tristan A. Foerster of ClimatePartner - Combining individual consulting with a cloud-based software to support corporate climate action.

  • Namrata Sandhu & Luca Nils Schmid of Vaayu - Creators of an automated carbon software which empowers retailers to calculate and cut emissions in real-time.

  • Hannah Helmke of right° - Offering software and metrics that enable stakeholders to plot pathways to 1.5°C alignment.

  • Robin Spickers of carbmee - An enterprise software solution for value chain carbon management, specialising in Scope 3 emissions analysis and reduction.

  • Julius Pröll of repath - Enabling organisations to identify, understand and manage increasing future climate risks of locations and assets.

  • Satya Kamal Raparthi of Daato - An holistic ESG management platform for enterprises of all sizes.


  • Dr. Mario Schmitt of ecoLocked - Creator of concrete admix materials designed to reduce embodied CO2 and turn buildings into stable carbon sinks.

  • Leopold Spenner of alcemy - Providing data-driven technology to enable customers to produce low-carbon-concrete reliably and at scale.

Energy Optimisation - Consumer

  • Matthias Martensen of Ostrom - An energy management platform that makes green electricity affordable and straightforward for households in Germany and Europe.

  • Emanuel Heisenberg of ecoworks - Modernising homes into “small, decentralised power plants” by installing photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and thermal reservoirs.

  • Knut Hechtfischer & Dr. Arwen Colell of decarbon1ze GmbH - Developing smart solutions for metering and billing the consumption of individual electric appliances.

  • Philipp A. Pausder of thermondo - Germany’s largest smart heating installer.

  • Christian Deilmann of tado° - Creating solutions that optimise energy consumption at home without sacrificing comfort.

  • Ernesto Garnier of EINHUNDERT - Using innovative software and standardised processes to roll out cost-efficient tenant power across building portfolios.

Energy Optimisation - Corporate

  • Kai Klapdor & Pascal Benoit of ENIT - Creators of a smart data fusion and energy control system specifically tailored for SMEs to reduce energy consumption and enable Industry 4.0 applications.

  • Philipp Schröder of 1KOMMA5° - Working in photovoltaics, electricity storage, charging infrastructure and heat pumps.

  • Timur Sirman & Maximilian Fries of MAGNOTHERM - Developing highly efficient and sustainable cooling / heating solutions based on magnetic materials.

  • Steffen Schülzchen of Entrix - Providing an AI-enabled optimisation and fully automated trading platform for grid-scale battery storage.

  • Jan Rabe of Rabot Charge - Creator of an AI-based algorithm that optimises plannable electricity consumption with regard to current electricity prices and existing green electricity capacities.

  • Dr. Karsten Schmidt of AMPEERS ENERGY - Developing smart solutions for climate-neutral real estate.

  • Peter Kordt of LUMENION - A ​patented steel-based combined heat and power storage system that absorbs renewable power peaks and reliably supplies power and heat as required.

  • Julian Schulz of metergrid - Developing innovative SaaS products for specific issues within decentralized energy systems.

  • Dr. Marten V. of Noocoon - Offering SaaS for smart and climate-neutral buildings.

  • Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies of ACCURE Battery Intelligence - Improving the safety, reliability and longevity of battery systems through cloud computing.

  • Ruben Haas of Comgy - Making buildings climate-neutral through intelligent energy data solutions.

  • Dr. Frank Schlichting of Kiwigrid - Enabling an all-electric world powered by 100 % renewable energy.

  • Christian Chudoba of Lumenaza - Developing powerful software to connect producers and consumers of green distributed energy.

  • Hendrik Schaede-Bodenschatz of Adaptive Balancing Power - Developing, manufacturing and distributing an innovative energy storage system for high power applications.

  • Melchior Schulze Brock of ENVIRIA - Boosting B2B participation in the clean energy transition, starting with solar.

  • Lucas Elias Kuepper of Kerith - Using data to enable a global energy transition towards affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy systems.

Energy Production

  • Mario Kohle of Enpal - The first green unicorn in Germany and the fastest-growing energy company in Europe.

  • Andi Weiß & Frederik Pfisterer of Solarize - Striving to be the number one SaaS for on-site energy production, distribution and billing in commercial microgrids.

  • Stephan von Bothmer of UHRIG Gruppe - Making the energy in wastewater usable for the heating and cooling of buildings.

  • Nils Aldag of Sunfire GmBH - Developing and manufacturing electrolysers based on SOEC and Alkaline technologies that enable sustainable and cost-effective production of renewable hydrogen, syngas and e-Fuel.

  • Wei Wu of Heatrix - On a mission to replace fossil fuels in energy-intensive industries by converting renewable electricity into storable, high-temperature process heat.

  • Nina Heine of SHIT2POWER - Turning wastewater treatment plants into renewable power plants.

  • Moritz von der Linden of Marvel Fusion - Developing a laser-driven fusion power plant.

  • Stephan Herrmann of Reverion - Providing an all-in-one biogas solution that comes as a containerised standard unit.

  • Tim Boeltken of INERATEC - Creating sustainable, CO2-neutral and affordable e-fuels & e-products for everyone.

  • Peik Stenlund of Circular Carbon - Using biomass waste to generate renewable energy and valuable biochar products.

  • Timon Herzog of GRIPS Energy - Enabling easy and risk-free access to clean and competitive energy for commercial and industrial companies in Africa and beyond.

  • Lucas Josten of Energyze - Working to make green energy at home affordable for everyone.

  • Alexander Sohl of ME Energy - Liquid Electricity - Offering a 150kW fast, off-grid charging station that generates electricity internally to provide power where it is needed.

  • Karl Dienst of Wegatech - Offering a digital, simple, fast and transparent way to the renewable energy system.

  • Jan-Justus Schmidt of Enapter - Making AEM Electrolysers for low-cost green hydrogen at any scale.

  • Andreas Sichert of Orcan Energy - Offering products, components and turnkey solutions to convert waste heat into CO2-free electrical power.

Energy Production - Solar

  • Christopher Cederskog of Sunhero - On a mission to provide easy and affordable access to high quality residential rooftop solar energy.

  • Moritz Hau & Michael Aigner of EIGENSONNE - Selling and renting tailor-made solar systems directly to consumers.

  • Qian Qin of We Do Solar - Creator of a self-installable and lightweight smart balcony solar set.

  • Davor Sutija of NexWafe - Designing and developing engineered green solar wafer production processes to make PV more sustainable and efficient.

  • Kai Buntrock of autarq - Producing all-in-one solar tiles to turn roofs into mini powerhouses.

  • Caspar Bayer & Christian Zellmer of Golfstrom Energy - Creators of a solar-as-a-service leasing platform for homeowners.

  • Sebastian Schmidt & Wolfgang Röbig of GIGA.GREEN - Building Germany's largest decentralised solar power plant.


  • Mazen Rizk of Mushlabs - Using fermentation and fungi to create the next generation of sustainable foods.

  • Raffael Wohlgensinger of Formo - Developing animal-free dairy products using nature-identical milk proteins created via precision fermentation.

  • Jan Wilmking of Project Eaden - Producing plant-based protein fibres that mimic the texture and appearance of those of animal meats.

  • Isabella Iglesias-Musachio of Bosque Foods - Creating clean-label, minimally-processed, whole-cut meat and fish alternatives grown naturally from fungal mycelium.

  • Raphael Fellmer of Sirplus - Offering subscription boxes filled with high quality surplus produce rescued from farmers or producers.

  • Eugenia Sagué & George Zheleznyi of Cultimate - Creating a game-changing cultivated fat technology to provide alternative meats with authentic taste and texture.

  • Frank Riedel of Mondarella - Making super-tasty, clean-label, plant-based cheese of high nutritional value.

  • Anton Pluschke of Ordinary Seafood - Using the power of plant protein and biotechnology to deliver the next generation of delicious and sustainable seafood.

  • Deniz Ficicioglu & Jacob von Manteuffel of Bettaf!sh - A seaweed company making authentic-tasting vegan tuna.

  • Dr. Sebastian Rakers of Bluu Seafood - Developing cultivated seafood from fish cells.

  • Tim Fronzek of Nosh.bio - Developing superior technical functional ingredients from microbial biomass for the food industry.

  • Eldad Arnon of tupu - locally cultivating gourmet mushrooms, cutting supply chain emissions and plastic packaging.

  • Katelijne Bekers of MicroHarvest - Producing healthy, tasty protein sustainably using the power of microorganisms.

  • Daniel MacGowan von Holstein of Kynda - Producing mycelium-based protein, but also providing companies with infrastructure and operational support for their own biomass fermentation.


  • David Dohmen & Christian Decher of OCELL - Building the Operating System of sustainable forestry.

  • Ole Seidenberg of Skyseed - Combining drones, pelletized seeds and knowledge about forest-ecology to deliver smart and sustainable reforestation.

  • Carsten Brinkschulte of Dryad Networks - Using solar-powered gas sensors in a large-scale IoT sensor network to provide ultra-early detection of wildfires plus health and growth-monitoring of forests.

  • Thomas Grübler of OroraTech - A thermal data intelligence company whose wildfire solution is designed for early detection of hotspots and monitoring of areas at risk of wildfires.


  • Rytis Jakubauskas of Palmo - Building the software layer for city logistics that will allow shippers to connect to a single API and get parcels moved seamlessly and sustainably through major cities at a fraction of today's cost.


  • Allison Dring of Made of Air - Transforming waste biomass into high-value, carbon negative materials for industrial use.

  • Firas Khalifeh of Carbon Mobile - Developing advanced composites to create the sustainable, lighter, thinner and stronger connected devices of the future.

  • Mitchell Duffy of Cambrium - Using molecular design technology to create next-generation biomaterials.

  • Torsten Becker of carbonauten - Creating CO2-lowering biocarbons with different binders.

  • Laura Petry of MY-FU - Developing mycelium-based solutions that represent true sustainable and regenerative alternatives to conventional materials.


  • Martin Weber of one • fıve - Creating biomaterials that it claims can reduce carbon emissions of the packaging industry “by up to 76%”.

  • Anne Lamp of traceless materials - Using agricultural industry by-products to produce biodegradable, storage-stable films, rigid materials and coatings.

  • Kirils J. of circolution - Providing smart reusable packaging solutions to help packaged food producers reduce waste.

  • Anastasia Albert of Grico - Creator of a fully-biodegradable plastic alternative without the limitations of conventional bioplastic.


  • Christian Schiller of cirplus - A global marketplace for recyclates and plastic waste feedstock.

  • Vivian Loftin of Recyda GmBH - Helping companies along the packaging value chain assess recyclability with software and data.

  • Thomas Gros of circulee - Offering sustainable IT equipment with an innovative circular model.

  • Sarah Fleischer of tozero - Claims to be Europe’s first lithium-ion battery recycling startup.

  • Michael Rudolf Heuschkel of FLAXRES - Creator of recycling technology for electronic waste.

  • Michael Pfeifer of MOOT - Upcycling textile waste into new clothing, such as shirts made from bed linen, jackets made from blankets or bags made from sofa cushion covers.

  • Luciano Guido of Solar Outdoor Media - Its cutting-edge Solar Wi-Fi Eco Bin® AI revolutionises recycling and waste management.

  • Gary Lewis of Resourcify - A recycling platform that enables businesses to manage, track and improve their recycling, while cutting costs and admin.


  • Evoléna de Wilde d'Estmael of Faircado - Developer of a Chrome extension that automatically finds the best second-hand alternatives for exactly what you're looking for online.

  • Julius Kuschke of Choosy - A personalised meal planning and grocery shopping assistant that makes forming healthy and sustainable eating habits effortless.

  • Felix Grünziger of FoodTogether - Develop tools and services that help consumers to buy food in a sustainable and values-based manner and support producers in sustainable food production.


  • Tobias Wagner of ChargeX - Developer of a “state-of-the-art” charging solution for electric vehicles.

  • Luis Orsini-Rosenberg of CYCLE - A subscription-based platform for e-bikes, designed to support sustainable last-mile delivery.

  • Thomas Hecker of 800 Volt Technologies - The team behind PUMP, the iOS app for charging infrastructure for electric vehicle drivers.

  • Dr. Mathias Bösl of Spark e-Fuels - Working on bringing CO2-neutral e-fuels into the aviation industry.

  • Claudio Geyken of RiDERgy - Creating technology to efficiently electrify and charge fleets, from commercial trucks to passenger vehicles.

  • Chris Cardé of HeyCharge - Revolutionising the electric vehicle charging industry with a hardware-enabled SaaS solution.

  • Alexej Habinski of ANYMOVE - ​​An innovative electric car rental service that offers a 100% digital process and guarantees vehicles for rent within walking distance.

  • René Braun of RYDES - Enabling sustainable mobility flexibility for company employees.

  • Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss of Dance - Offering a subscription service for ebikes.

  • Joerg Heuer of EcoG - Empowering the world‘s electric vehicle charging network with technology to enable fast charging infrastructure growth.


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Disclaimer: The author and the authors company, HackCapital, may hold direct investment positions in some of the startups mentioned above.